December 10, 2023

How to Bet on Basketball Legends With Esports

How to Bet on Basketball Legends With Esports

Basketball is a great sport that has been around for many years. And like other great sports, such as football, it has been turned into an electronic sport, whose latest version is called NBA 2K22. This esport may not be as famous as others, but it’s still well-known among basketball-loving fans.

NBA 2K22 features professional tournaments each year and gives you the possibility to watch top-level players, their teams, and the virtual athletes that represent them. You can also place bets on NBA 2K22 matches. If you want to learn more about crypto esports betting, you can visit Thunderpick.

This platform covers every single esport and provides numerous betting markets for each match, as well as the possibility to engage in live betting.

The Basics of NBA 2K22 Betting

NBA 2K22 betting is similar to other forms of esports betting, in the sense that you can wager on a variety of esports betting markets for every match. Some bookmakers will give you more options than others, but most will have these:

Match Winner

This is the most straightforward type of bet that you can place on a match. You simply pick the team that you believe is going to you and then you wager on it the amount of your choice.

Based on the odds, your returns will be higher or lower. Anything below a value of 2.00 signifies that the team has a perceived probability of success of more than 50%. 

Half-Time Winner

If you don’t want to bet on the entire match because you’re not confident in your prediction, you have the option to predict the winner of the first half and sometimes, even the individual quarters. Only the points scored during that section of the game will count in determining the winner.


Over/under betting markets allow you to predict that a game will have over or under a certain number of points. They also allow you to predict that a team will score over or under X points.


Handicaps are a bit tricky to understand for beginners. But they’re not complicated at all. A handicap can be negative or positive and represents the number of points that will be added to the final score of a particular team.

If you bet that team A will win while having a handicap of +20 points, you are actually predicting that it will win the match if it starts with a 20 points advantage. 

Likewise, if you predict a victory in its favor if it starts with a handicap of -20 points, the team will start from -20 instead of 0.

Points Scored by Player X

For special matches, such as Grand Finals, you can sometimes bet that player X from team A will score a certain number of points during the match. Or perhaps, that he will be the highest scorer on his team.

Basketball Legends You Can Bet On

Here are some of the biggest basketball legends that you can bet on when watching NBA 2K22 matches:

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a 34-year-old NBA player and family man whose role is Point guard. At 1.88m, he is an absolute legend of the sport and his legacy will probably be just as enduring as that of Michael Jordan and the regretted Kobe Bryant.

Inside the game, Curry has amazing stats (97) and is considered to be a near-perfect player. If you ever get the opportunity to bet on him while he is in the hands of a competent NBA 2K22 competitor, the likelihood of winning your bet is very high.

Kobe Bryant

One great thing about NBA 2K22 is that it gives you the opportunity to utilize players who are no longer part of the game. And in some cases, who are no longer alive. This helps to keep their memory alive.

On the real basketball pitch, Kobe Bryant was unstoppable. He is generally considered to be one of the greatest of all time and almost at the same level of skill as Michael Jordan. Inside the game, his stats reflect this. Bryant has an overall score of 98, just one point below the maximum.

LeBron James

You probably know him either from the memes or from the NBA. Aged 37, LeBron James still plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and does a great job, making his father proud. He is still considered to be one of the best in the sport despite his relatively old age and the developer of NBA 2K22 gave him the respect he deserves. His stats are spectacular: 99/99.

When NBA 2K22 players utilize this monster, his stats are so good that in the right hands, he feels unstoppable.

Unlike other players on this list, such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James is extremely tall. At 2.06m, he’s an absolute giant and slam dunking is so much easier. Because of that, he can score a lot of points during the games and win a lot of MVP awards.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the man, the myth, the legend. Even people who have never played or watched basketball have heard of him. His career is second to none and NBA 2K22 gives players the possibility to pick him in their matches.

In real life, Jordan is 59 and nearly 2 meters tall. He is considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time. This title will probably not be taken away from him for many decades. Because what he achieved in his basketball career is nothing short of a miracle.

In football, we have Messi and Ronaldo. In MMA, we have Khabib. In basketball, we have Michael Jordan. His in-game overall score is 99 and it’s no surprise at all.

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