December 10, 2023

Stephen Curry’s Son: All About Canon W. Jack Curry

The only child of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is Canon Curry. Steph and Ayesha recently honored Cannon’s fourth birthday at California Classics. The entire world adores four-year-olds, not just their parents. It is safe to say that the tiny munchkin has made all his admirers grin and happy. Ayesha Curry spent five nights in the hospital while pregnant with Canon. Today, we’ll discuss Steph and Ayesha’s lovely NBA couple’s adorable kid, Canon. Hers evicting, you need to know about Stephen Curry’s son’s 

Who is Canon Curry?

The child of Ayesha Curry & Stephen Curry is named Canon. On July 2, 2018, Steph and Ayesha gave birth to a son, their third child. The youngster is also the nephew of 76ers star Seth Curry and the grandson of legendary NBA player Dell Curry. According to Ayesha, her third pregnancy was ROUGH. Additionally, Canon was born too soon. Ayesha, in her blog, disclosed that Canon had been taken a month in advance. Whatever the case, Canon entered the world at 6lbs 7oz and in excellent health.

Canon’s Parents Biography

Here is a little wiki entry about Stephen & Ayesha for anyone unfamiliar with them before we go into the specifics regarding Cannon. American pro basketball player Stephen Curry competes for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. Without a doubt, Steph is among the best shooters in NBA history. He is also recognized being a three times NBA champion & 2-time MVP.

One of the top-paid athletes in the world is Steph. He came in at number nine on the Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes for 2019. Steph is estimated to be worth $160 million. He brings in about $50 million a year. Steph is 24 years old and was born around March 14, 1988. He measures 6 ft 3 inches tall and 86kg in weight. He has a body that is strong and healthy for an athlete.

Stephen Curry’s wife is named Ayesha. In 2012, Steph and Ayesha were united in marriage and now have three kids. The NBA’s prettiest duo is this one. Additionally, they are among the most frequently discussed couples. In terms of her career, Ayesha is an entrepreneur, a presenter, and a #1 New York Times bestselling book. She has appeared in several short films as an actress. Regarding wealth building, Ayesha’s net worth as of 2022 was roughly $16 million.

The Significance of Stephen Curry’s Son’s Name 

When Steph and Ayesha were expecting their first child, they chose the name Canon. Riley was chosen since it was the name of their first daughter. They called their subsequent daughter Ryan, who was also a girl. Ayesha was finally expecting her third child. As a result, they forgot the term “Canon” once more. But they had many other names in mind for their boy. For example, the couple had also thought about giving their child the name “Wardell Stephen Curry III.”

The name was chosen since the child was born to Stephen and a grandpa named Dell. He was also the family’s third Wardell. The family heritage would be carried under “Wardell Stephen Curry III.” Additionally, Steph and Ayesha decided to call their kid Trey. The pair, though, clung to the moniker Canon. They thought the name fit. 

Ultimately, they chose to give their son the name those who had chosen nine years prior: Canon. Canon Wardell Jack Curry was finally named and is his full name. When Ayesha and Steph initially decided on the title, they were unaware of its significance. However, after studying, the pair learned that the term “Canon” meant “young wolf” and church authority. We can all agree that the young wolf is the tiny kid after Chapter 4 of Canon.

Does Stephen Curry’s Son resemble him? 

Many people think Canon Curry resembles his father Steph Curry exactly. This all began after Stephen Curry used a Canon camera to upload a picture on Instagram. We must admit that Steph and Canon looked similar and had big grins. Son is much like his father. What else is there to say?

The Cannon Siblings

Ryan Carson Curry and Riley Elizabeth Curry are Cannon Curry’s sisters. Riley was born to Steph and Ayesha in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 19, 2012. She is well-known in America as a young model. The oldest of Steph’s kids is Riley, ten years old. Ryan was also born on July 10, 2015, making her only seven years old. She is Steph and Ayesha’s second-born kid. Canon, Steph’s kid, is just four years old. He is thus still too young to manage his social media profile independently. As a result, Canon lacks its social media platforms.

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