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Alex Riley WWE: Bio, News, Latest Updates

Alex Riley

As past and current WWE stars go towards the upstart organization, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) quickly becomes a significant rival for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). However, one wrestler will remain loyal to WWE and refuse to join AEW. Here is Alex Riley’s bio and the most recent news.


Alex Riley, a star in college football and the son of a past Miss Virginia and an ESPN sportscaster, graduated from Boston College with degrees in finance and communications. When he joined WWE NXT in 2010, he embraced his jock persona, donning a varsity letterman’s blazer and referring to himself as The Rare Breed. Riley rapidly won over The Miz, an NXT Pro who thought Riley could turn A-achievements Ry’s outside of the ring into a Superstar. Riley was introduced to the greatest WWE platforms during his apprenticeship with The Awesome One, including WrestleMania 27, where he served as Miz’s cornerman versus John Cena.

Early Years (2007-2010)

He entered into a development agreement with the business in 2007. He was given to FCW, and his name was changed to Alex Riley. Riley claimed wrestling FCW Florida Heavyweight Championships and used numerous gimmicks.

Main Roster (2010-2013)

Riley received guidance from The Miz during the second NXT season. He began helping The Miz in battles after NXT. Riley’s professional high point came when he traveled with The Miz while he had the WWE Championship. Riley and The Miz started fighting after Mania. Riley beat the Miz at Capitol Punishment. Riley pursued several titles and qualifications during his career but was never successful.

Commentator & Departure (2013-2016)

Riley spent almost two years working on SmackDown and NXT before becoming a color commentator in 2013. He began the #FreeRiley Twitter campaign after two years of commenting. He competed briefly in NXT when he engaged in a conflict alongside NXT Championship Kevin Owens. He went up against Apollo Crews, Tye Dillinger, and Shinsuke Nakamura in the next weeks before quitting the organization.

Latest News & Updates 

Alex Riley made his WWE debut during the second season of NXT’s game show period. Alex Riley was regarded as the season’s favorite thanks to The Miz as their Pro. He was large, looked fantastic, and was great on the mic, which was what WWE had hoped for. Riley didn’t take home the season’s championship, but he was quickly promoted to the main roster, aiding The Miz in the conflict with Daniel Bryan. The Miz & Alex Riley had a successful run after that. The Miz was Mr. Cash in the Account then and was on his way to becoming one of WWE’s most popular talents.

Miz & Riley were generating a lot of confidence as the most despised performers then. This momentum continued to build until The Miz ultimately cashed into Cash in the Bank & won the WWE Championship for the first time this season. Alex Riley, though, was experiencing some problems at the same time as Miz’s career was soaring. For the situation he was in, it was clear that his in-ring skills were still quite inexperienced, and he appeared to have some problems with elite WWE talent backstage.

Alex Riley’s unintentional early elimination from the Royal Rumble in 2011 may have been the catalyst for the entire situation. As Riley was scheduled to remove John Cena, plus The Miz providing commentary to bring this up, the bout was briefly out of rhythm. Riley was demoted to FCW in February 2011. Still, he quickly made his way directly to the central roster and kept managing The Miz together all way up to WrestleMania 27’s main event.

At WrestleMania, The Miz would defend his title, and he would keep it until John Cena defeated him at Extreme Rules. After weeks of Miz’s harassment, Riley broke and gave his partner a violent beating. Furious at losing, Miz blames Alex Riley for almost all his suffering. The audience responded spectacularly, and many thought this was one of the finest face twists in recent memory. Riley continued to become immensely popular as a babyface over the next several weeks, and his songs saw weekly increases in pops. Even yet, Say This To My Face was fantastic entrance music and deserves a lot of praise.

Riley unexpectedly lost his matches against The Miz & Dolph Ziggler for the US Championship, slipped down the schedule abruptly, and by the end of the year, mostly only competed on Superstars. Riley’s demotion from the current roster is thought to have been caused by tension with John Cena backstage, and Riley discussed this on Booker T’s Honors podcast. It was obvious that WWE had decided to give up on Riley.

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