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Mike Trout’s Wife: Who Is Jessica Cox, The Rock Of Mike Trout’s Life?

Mike Trout’s Wife

Mike Trout is one of the best baseball players alive today. He has had a long and successful career. Throughout his career, his wife Jessica Cox has stood in his corner, initially as his girlfriend, and then as his wife. Despite being a baseball superstar who could’ve dated anyone in America, Mike Trout stayed loyal to his high school sweetheart and made her his wife. In this post, we will find out more about Jessica Cox. Let’s get started.

Mike Trout’s Wife: Things To Know About Jessica Cox

Who is Jessica Cox?

Jessica Cox is the beautiful wife of baseball superstar Mike Trout. She has been by the baseball player’s side for some time now. Aside from Mike Trout, Jessica Cox has another baseball player who is close to her. Her brother Aaron Cox also played baseball in the minor leagues for the Los Angeles Angels. However, Aaron Cox was suspended from baseball after he tested positive for Ritalin in 2017. He retired because of it and unfortunately, passed away soon after.

When was Jessica Cox born?

Mike Trout’s wife Jessica Tara Cox was born on October 5th, 1989. She was born and raised in the New Jersey town of Millville.

Where did Jessica Cox study?

Jessica Cox studied at Millville Senior High School and enrolled at Lebanon Valley College, Pennsylvania after graduating from high school.

How did Mike Trout meet Jessica Cox?

Jessica Cox and Mike Trout went to the same high school. Mike Trout was attracted to Jessica Cox since his high school days and he was famous for sitting on the back benches to be next to his future wife.

How tall is Jessica Cox?

Mike Trout’s wife Jessica Cox is 5ft 8in tall.

What does Jessica Cox do?

Mike Trout’s wife Jessica Cox is an elementary school teacher. She is a popular contributor to the Angels Wives charity.

How has Mike Trout’s baseball career been?

In July 2011 and replacing a teammate due to injury, Mike Trout debuted with the Angels in the Majors. A young and athletic player from New Jersey, a great promise in the minors, could not produce in his debut. He went home 0-for-3. After twelve 1/2 games well below the Mendoza line, Trout was relegated back to double-A play.

There was a new opportunity to show what he was capable of and agree with people like Keith Law, who had put him at the top of the ranking of prospects at that time. At the end of August, he returned to the first team, and this time he delivered. 

This time he got his first home run in front of his fans. But even with good defense and speed that stunned his dugout teammates, in the 40 games of his first season, Mike Trout had only a 220 batting average and a 281 on-base percentage. Poor numbers to look for a permanent position in the team, well below expectations, poor numbers for the promising player that he was supposed to be.

In June of the following year, he had three four-hit games. The transformation into legend began. They say that in 2011 he simply had bad luck, they say that he was tired and unaccustomed to the schedule of the big leagues. Or the most logical thing, he needed some adjustments to polish the diamond in the rough that he already was. And it is that speed, defense, and power were always there, also in 2011. They needed to connect a couple of cables so that the machine rolled smoothly.

Today, many surrender to some overwhelming data and confirm its superiority, some already crown it as the best of the decade. Even a few already consider him the best in history for what he has achieved, not for what he can still do. And he is only 28 years old.

But having said this, there are also critics, who think that it is not a big deal and above all, that it will never be a media star like those championed by other sports. Assuming the latter is something wrong with your definition.

What makes Mike Trout so special? Probably his way of being is what has led him to where he is. A born worker who, as he says, respects the game and feels lucky to be able to continue playing what he played as a child.

What is Mike Trout’s image as a baseball player?

What is difficult to understand is that he is not as mediatic a player as some stars in other sports. It is a fact, his name does not resonate like that of certain basketball or football athletes. But it doesn’t seem like it’s because of his character, because he represents the role of hero perfectly. He is humble and hard-working, with simple tastes and no fanfare. One day he said that he didn’t know if he would go to the Superbowl to which he had been invited because he wanted to see it at home and not miss the commercials. He likes spending time with his family and friends, and that makes him even more of a superhero to me.

Could that be the problem? Could it be that people find it “boring”? It could be, sometimes growth and hard work as the only answer to success seems undramatic. In the same way, the mere fact of reaching the top generates criticism, it doesn’t matter if you have visible defects or not, you will be the target of looks and therefore envy.

Mike Trout has what it takes to be the hero who becomes a legend. Including the mythologized stories of youth, like that time they forced him to participate in the high school home run derby but batting left-handed, because if he wasn’t abusing. And he won anyway. It is unknown, that it is not the usual image of the league or that it does not have the repercussions and echo in the media that surround other athletes with the same, or less impact.

When did Mike Trout marry Jessica Cox?

Mike Trout married Jessica Cox on December 9, 201.

How did Mike Trout propose to his wife?

Mike Trout was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in 2009 as the 25th pick in the MLB (Major League Baseball) draft. Even though Mike Trout was drafted by a team across the country from New Jersey, he continued a long distance relationship with Jessica Cox. 

On March 29th, 2016, Mike Trout proposed to Jessica Cox in a very special way. He got an airplane to fly in the sky with a banner that read “Will you marry me Jess?”. Jessica Cox accepted the proposal and married Mike Trout in Allentown, New Jersey. 

Mike Trout said that his wedding day was the biggest, craziest, most awesome and most loving day of his life. After the wedding, Mike Trout and his wife went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Do Mike Trout and his wife have children?

Mike Trout and Jessica Cox welcomed their son Beckham Aaron Trout on August 2nd, 2020. Mike Trout’s wife Jessica Cox used her late brother’s name as her son’s middle name.

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