March 30, 2023
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All About the Rock’s Wife- Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian

Dwayne Johnson, aka, The Rock’s wife, Lauren Hashian was born on 8th Sept 1984 in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, USA. She tied the knot with Johnson in 2019, and the couple has two children, Tia Giana Johnson, and Jasmine Johnson. 

Read this article to know more about Lauren Hashian, her career and her dating timeline with Dwayne Johnson.

About Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian was 19 when she started her music career in college. She was so passionate about music that she converted her dorm room at Emerson college to a private music studio. She was also heavily inspired by her father, Sib Hashian, who was a drummer for the rock band ‘Boston’. 

Not much is known about her mother, Suzanne. Lauren likes to keep her life very lowkey and focus on her family as her husband faces the limelight every day of his life. Dwayne supports her every day in whatever she chooses to do, especially with her music career.

Lauren is 5’9” tall and weighs 60kg. She has beautiful lavender-grey eyes and light brown hair colour. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and her nationality is American. 

“Memory” and “You Are Mine” are two of her biggest singles released on SoundCloud, which Dwayne had also heavily approved of. However, “Go Hard” was the first music video filmed by Hashian.

Getting married to Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s divorce from Garcia

After 10 years of marriage, in 2007 the couple announced their divorce, mentioning how certain aspects of their relationship had changed. The couple announced that they don’t feel right to be a married couple, but will continue their friendship and business partnership. 

The same year, Dwayne Johnson started dating Hashian. 

Lauren Hashian and Dwayne Johnson’s Relationship Timeline

Lauren, a well-known music producer and actor Dwayne met for the first time in 2006 on the sets of ‘The Game Plan’ and started dating a year later. After giving birth to their baby daughters Johnson and Tiana in 2015 and 2018 respectively, the couple got married on August 18th, 2019 in Hawaii.

In an interview with People Magazine, Dwayne opened up about how he feels lucky to have fallen in love again and met the love of his life. His ex-wife Gracia also mentioned how they have been on good terms after the divorce. Dwayne has a strong sense of maintaining a family and adds a layer of extra trust and belief, despite the divorce. 

The two have been the talk of the town with Johnson’s upcoming film, Black Adam. It is awe-inspiring to see the two lovebirds on the red carpet and talking about their love for each other.

Dwayne and Lauren Hashian’s first walk on the Red Carpet

After six years of being together, Lauren and Dwayne made a debut by walking together on the red carpet as a couple for the premiere of G.I. Joe: Retaliation in Hollywood. The couple also appeared for his hand and footprint ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre in May 2015.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What does Lauren Hashian do for a living?

Lauren Hashian is a singer by profession and is also a songwriter and music producer. She has been in this industry since her teenagehood.

2. How did Dwayne Johnson meet Lauren Hashian?

Dwayne, also known as The Rock, met his wife in 2006 when he was shooting for his movie, ‘The Game Plan’. It hadn’t been long after his divorce when he met Lauren. The couple got married in 2019.

3. What is Lauren Hashian’s ethnicity?

Lauren holds Armenian and Italian ancestry.

4. What is Lauren Hashian’s net worth?

Lauren Hashian, The Rock’s wife’s net worth is around $5 million.

5. How many kids do The Rock and his wife Lauren Hashian have?

The Rock and his wife Lauren Hashian have two daughters.

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