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Interesting Facts About Milica Krstić

Milica Krsti is the wife of NBA player Boban Marjanovic. Milica is a model by profession, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, and stands 5’5″ tall. She rose to prominence after marrying Boban, a hopelessly passionate husband. How does it feel to marry Serabia’s tallest basketball player? Is it true that they had two wedding ceremonies? Let’s take a look at the love tale of a model, a soap actor, and a basketball player.

Early Life & Background

Milica Marjanovic is the Serbian wife of Boban Marjanovic. Krstic, born in Serbia, rose to popularity in the public eye after marrying a sports celebrity. Due to her guarded demeanour, her past is shrouded in mystery. Krstic’s date of birth is likewise uncertain, making an age estimate difficult.

Milica does, however, share a few images with her brother and pals on Instagram. Milica was not the family’s only child, and she grew up with Milos. Regularly, the Serbian communicates with her friends, particularly her husband, Boban, and their two children. The two couples appear to be in love with each other. It is, without a doubt, the type of life that everyone desires.

Milica’s Husband- Boban

Marjanovic, also known as Bobi, is a former undrafted player who is now a member of the Dallas Mavericks. The 7’3′′ Serbian is best renowned for his height; despite his family’s normal height, 14-year-old Boban was already 6’10” tall. Many assume that the 33-year-gigantism old’s was caused by a pituitary gland problem, however, this has never been proved. Marjanovic’s personal life gained media attention after photos of him and his significant other, Milica Krstic, circulated on various social media platforms. Though Marjanovic is noticeably more lowkey than many of his league counterparts, his personal life gained media attention after photos of him and his significant other, Milica Krstic, circulated on various social media platforms.

Love Life & Marriage

Milica and Boban Marjanovic met during a birthday celebration in their homeland of Serbia, where they favoured each other. Following their initial meeting, they enjoyed a long romance that lasted around 6 years and deepened their understanding of one another. This is because they began as close friends before progressing to sweethearts. 

It was a huge undertaking when they finally decided to marry. Their first wedding took place on July 3, 2014, on a beautiful beach in Mexico, and their second wedding took place ten days later, on July 13, 2014, in Belgrade.

Krstic’s Instagram bio states that she is 5’3′′, a fraction of an inch shorter than most people assume. The couple’s two-foot height gap just adds to the public’s fascination. Indeed, it was the pair’s almost unbelievable height disparity that originally brought attention to their relationship.

The love between the happy pair looks to have only gotten stronger over time. On his wife’s birthday in 2020, the Serbian centre enlisted the help of colleague Maxi Kleber, who will play the piano. He then shared a customized 30-second rendition of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s hit song “Shallow” on Instagram, serenading not just Krstic but also the rest of his adoring fans. Bobi was present to show his support for the good act, which earned over 180,000 Facebook likes.

Because of their enormous height disparity, the two routinely attract attention from the media and fans. Marjanovic is well known for being the world’s tallest man, standing at 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m), whereas his better half stands at 5 ft 5 in.

Milica’s two adorable Children

Vuk and Pera, the children of Milica Krstic and Boban Marjanovic, have been recognized. Their pictures have been taken on various occasions, and the family appears to be having a good time.

Milica’s Social Media

Beyond the attention of the media and sweeties, Krstic appears to be living her stylish life. Although she’s quiet about her particular life, the Dallas 7′ 3 ′ ′ centre gal is veritably active on Instagram, where she has over a thousand followers. Her account is primarily made up of prints of her family, musketeers, and particular conditioning. In reality, Krstic has shown her support for her hubby in various ways, including wearing a Dallas. 51 jersey and wearing lurkers with the words” Let’s go Mavs” blessed on them. Anyhow, Krstic has amassed a sizable addict base on the network, with over followers. Krstic participated in multitudinous images of her eldest son Vuk enjoying his tenth birthday with musketeers and family in July 2021. Vuk pointing to a cate covered with two massive number knockouts was one of the photos. latterly that time, in October, Krstic participated a series of images of her two sons, this time resting at the Plaza Hotel in honour of the youngish Petar’s sixth birthday, along with the crusher of a youth on a skateboard. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is unknown because she has not exposed them to the public. Even though there’s no information regarding this, she leads an exceedingly wealthy life. Boban, on the other hand, is estimated to have a total net worth of$ 20 million as a basketball player. 

Fun Facts About Milica

  • Milica Krstic is the woman of Boban Marjanovic, a well-known Serbian basketball star. 
  • Her hubby, born on August 15, 1988, began playing basketball in 2006. He signed a three-time contract with CSKA Moscow in 2010. ( Russian Club). Following that, he signed with the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons. 


Milica defied stereotypes by loving and marrying a tall man, proving that height, weight, and colour do not matter or should be a barrier when it comes to love, and that personality is what one should fall for. Their love is an inspiration for others, and I hope it lasts the longest in the history of the world. 

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