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All About Adin Ross’s Unexpected Twitch Ban

Adin Ross is a 22-year-old YouTuber, born to Jewish parents on October 11, 2000, in Boca Raton, Florida. He then moved to New York for a brief time after which he decided to live in California. He did his schooling at Woodlake Union High school. Ross had a keen interest in streaming at a very young age which once he skipped his high school prom so that he could stream on Twitch. 

At the age of 12, he was stabbed in his sleep by a mentally challenged relative, for which he got nine stitches, after which his relative was admitted to a mental hospital. 

Read this article to know more about his twitch ban story, early life and YouTube career.


He started regularly streaming when he was living with his sister Naomi. He started gaining popularity by playing NBA through which he met Bronny James. In the year 2020, while he was streaming with James, he had a call joined from Lebron James which later got uploaded on Twitter for which he got a lot of fame. 

In November 2020, when he was not satisfied with NBA, he started hosting e – date streams on discord, through which people would find dates which led to further growth of his Twitch account that gave him immense popularity. 

He then went on to be the first ever creator who was revealed to in the collective clout gang 2.0 and then moved into wizz house. 

On April 4, 2021, his twitch account got attacked by a bot attack that affected his followers to rise above 3 million. He had a huge amount of followers, about over 1 million, and grew up to 30,000 from every stream before this bot attack. After all this misshape, he then decided to donate 20% of this Twitch revenue to charity, out of which 10% got donated to the LGBTQ community. He also raised a charity stream for a person who was struggling with brain cancer. Unfortunately, that person ended up losing his life after the surgery. 

Hit with an unexpected Twitch ban 

Ross has a lot of Controversies which made him get banned from Twitch several times now. He was also arrested in Romania for a shooting. He also ran into controversies relating to his relationship with Tate. He got banned from Twitch once for accusing them of supporting their favourite streamers and not him. 

Stream bans had confirmed that he was banned from Twitch in January for breaking a security guard’s arm in an arm wrestle. However, the reason is not accurate. 


Ross was banned from Twitch in the year 2021 for using unpresidential words for which he clarified that he was not even in his room when this happened, he was unbanned from Twitch within two days after the incident. However, he was banned indefinitely on April 20, 2022, for hateful language and symbols. After which, he was allowed to stream back in June 2022. 

Net Worth

Ross’s net worth is said to be $ 2 million as of 2022. Adin got most of his popularity in 2021 when he started streaming with various famous streamers in playing a live game. he is also got famous when he started streaming in his high school. As of today, Ross is said to have 55k followers and is on the 4th top steamers on twitch and will be growing drastically in the coming years which will increase his net worth by a huge margin. 

Adin Ross garners 25 – 30 million views every month, and his net worth is also said to grow through sponsorship deals and brands. In recent times he gambled and gave out his monthly earnings to be 2 million dollars, although a lot of details are not revealed about his previous and recent deals, which play a very important role in determining his net worth. 

YouTube Career 

Similar to Twitch, Adin Ross’ YouTube following has grown significantly over the past 12 months. He uploaded his debut video on the site in November 2019, and up until the end of 2020, he only had 500k subscribers at most. However, Adin Ross presently has 1.28 million “Adin Live” subscribers in addition to about 750k subscribers on the other two channels. Initially, the majority of his YouTube content was gaming-related, but in recent months, he has also posted videos about general lifestyle subjects, other comedic sketches, etc.


Currently, Adin Ross resides in Los Angeles, California. Along with people like Sommer Ray, FaZe Banks, and Mike Majlak, he recently purchased a $30 million home. Although he is known to lead a luxury lifestyle and is on track to become one of the largest Twitch streamers in the world at the age of 20, nothing is known about his overall spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where was Adin Born?

Adin was born in Boca Raton, Florida in a Jewish family. He presently lives in California in a $30 million mansion alongside his friends and fellow content creators. 

  1. Is Adin in a relationship?

Adin Ross’s relationship is unknown right now. He was initially thought to be dating a woman by the name of “Stacy,” but after the two kissed during the live stream, there were rumours that he was dating Corinna Kopf. Adin Ross denied the reports, thus it’s unclear if he now has a girlfriend.

  1. How did Adin Ross get so big?

He started gaining popularity through playing online games like NBA 2k20 and wager matches with YouTubers.

  1. Is Adin Ross the most popular streamer on Twitch?

Adin Ross has more than 55k followers at the moment. He is currently the fourth most subscribed channel on Twitch, so he cannot be said the most popular due to the fluctuating numbers.

  1. How much does Adin ross earn in a year?

As mentioned earlier and looking at his growth in the number of followers, he is said to be earning somewhere between 3 to 4 million dollars per year, this is very well going to be his best financial figure and will keep growing in the coming years.

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