August 12, 2022

Who Is Batista’s Wife? Know All About Sarah Jade

Sarah Jade is a well-known professional American pole dancer. In the Tampa, Florida, region, Sarah Jade took over ownership of Buttercup Pole Dance. She also received the title of Miss Pole Dance America in 2016. Jade steadily developed into a pro despite just starting to dance after becoming 18 years old.

The first thing the media will mention about Sarah is that she is Dave Bautista’s divorced wife. Sarah does have quite a reputation of her own, in addition to being renowned for her ex. We shall discover Sarah Jade’s remarkable journey in this article.


In Tampa, Florida, Sarah was born in the year 2022. She was born on December 12, 1987. Many details regarding her upbringing and family are private. Nevertheless, she was a typical middle-class single child growing up. Jade’s family, however, lacked any dance or pole dancing experience.

Self-taught dancer Sarah started her profession. She first became interested in pole dancing in 2006 while working as a bartender at a strip club. She began viewing pole dancing videos of famous pole dancers in the interval. She began practicing and learning as a pastime after being inspired by the stars. She purchased a pole from an online seller and watched YouTube videos to learn. She never allowed her pastime to interfere with her schoolwork, either.

Sarah attended sociology at the University of South Florida. As a result, she earned a cum laude degree in 2011. She began taking courses in professional dance after graduation. Zoraya Judd was a renowned educator for her. Judd does aerial pole and pole dancing professionally.

Professional Life

She took part in the Florida pole dancer fitness competition in 2012. She subsequently took home the competition’s prize for being the most athletic. Similar to in 2013, she also competed and took home the prize for being the most athletic.

Her two victories cemented her status as a budding pole dancing sensation. Nevertheless, she continued to learn and improve her skills. Sarah never ceased obtaining additional tasks despite having mastered much of them on her own. All of this was a result of her perseverance and unrivaled style.

In a short amount of time, she has made great progress! Her interest was now gradually developing into a full-time profession. Her victory in the 2016 Miss Pole Dancing America competition was another noteworthy accomplishment. She has moreover taken part in occasions like the Florida Pole & aerial art display, Nude Nite Aerialist (2015–2017), Pole for one Purpose, etc. She is a licensed fitness teacher with the AFAA.

Career as an Entrepreneur

Sarah has used her passion for pole dancing in her business. Buttercup Pole Dance was founded by her. Aerial and pole dancing is practiced there. It is located in Florida’s Tampa Bay. With just 900 square feet of space, Buttercup had its start in 2011. The studio subsequently began to draw more participants, and the area shrunk. Buttercup has to be extended to accommodate more pupils in the lessons. The studio has tripled in size in the last eight years! It currently occupies a 42,000-square-foot space with pride. Numerous classes, equipment options, and memberships are available at the facility. From monthly to infinite subscriptions are available. Additionally, drop-in lessons are allowed.

Her company’s motto is to support the neighborhood. The crew is treated as a family by Buttercup, who promotes togetherness. Sarah also promotes items associated with her pole dancing. She has spent most of her time encouraging motivated students at her studio to learn the art of pole dancing. She wants to educate as many people as possible about the advantages of pole dancing for the mind, body, and health.

Personal Life

Who is Dave Bautista?

Artist, former wrestler, and fighter in mixed martial arts is David Michael Bautista. He was born in Washington in January 1969 and is better known by his stage name Dave Bautista. After joining the WWF, he became well-known (World Wrestling Foundation). It didn’t take long for wrestling fans to recognize Bautista, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 125 kg. He thus went on to win six different world championships.


Since Sarah prefers to keep her relationships secret, there isn’t much information about them. It was a big deal that Dave & Sarah first started dating. With 3 kids and one grandson, Dave had already experienced two failed marriages. Additionally, Sarah and Dave are 20 years apart in age. Age is only a number, as they say, after all.

They didn’t give a damn what people thought since they were in love. They seem to share a lot of similarities, they both like working out and adore pets. In October 2015, the couple exchanged vows. Sarah donned a bridal gown with a Greek theme and a glittering tiara for her special day. Likewise, the armless ivory gown displayed her tattooed body and arms.

Relatives and close friends only attended the tiny event. They then had a few years of blissful marriage. They even had pets. However, it was short-lived. When both were missing from each other’s social media accounts, fans assumed something was wrong. Regarding their wedding, Dave had removed his tweet.


In November 2019, Dave tweeted that he is now again single. He received sorrow from his good friends, and WWE stars in response. Later, Dave acknowledged in an interview that he and Sarah weren’t any longer together. He also got the tattoo to symbolize the beginning of a new life. Sarah remained relatively silent during the entire incident. Sarah has recently started dating a man, but she won’t say his name. Now and then, she posts a picture of them.

Net Worth  

As of 2020, Sarah Jade’s net worth was around $200,000. Jade & her husband Dave represent the pole dance apparel company, Bad Kitty, as brand ambassadors, for which they are compensated handsomely. T-shirts with the slogan Pole Dance, Pet Dogs & Prosecco are other sources of income for her. Sadie, Janie, & Frankie are the names of the gorgeous couple’s three puppies.

Social Media Presence

Sarah had her social media profiles restricted for a considerable time, keeping them private from the general public. Her Instagram account has finally lately been made public. She currently has more than 40k followers. She used to publish pole dancing-related posts on her website from 2015 to 2016.

Facts About Sarah

  • Her most notable accomplishment was when she won the Florida Fitness Championship’s Most Athletic Award for two straight years (2012–13).
  • She is now the creator of Buttercup Pole Dance and the Tampa-based pole dance institute in Florida.
  • She first became interested in pole dancing while working as a bartender in a nightclub in 2006.
  • In the meanwhile, she began studying the YouTube videos of renowned pole dancer Althea Austin, from whom she learned the fundamental pole dancing abilities and techniques.
  • She also studied dance for years with Zoraya Judd.
  • Her natural ability to dance began to blossom every day, and she did succeed in becoming a well-known pole dancer.

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