September 24, 2022

Who is Sean McVay’s Girlfriend- Veronika Khomyn

Veronika Khomyn, a Ukrainian beauty, and social media sensation married LA Rams head coach Sean McVay on June 5, 2022. Veronika and McVay had been dating for a long period before marrying this year. Veronika Khomyn would always back her “McBae” whether she wins or loses. Sean McVay’s fiancée was by his side while he succeeds as the Los Angeles Rams’ head coach. Since taking over as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay has grown in popularity.

But who is Veronika Khomyn, and what does she do for a living? Is she worth a million dollars? Did the couple who had been dating for three years get married?

Veronika’s Biography

Veronika Khomyn is 32 years old, having been born on March 1, 1990. She is 5 feet tall. Sean McVay’s girlfriend is Veronika Khomyn. Khomyn was born in Ukraine and is a model. She was raised in Kyiv, Ukraine, and attended Kyiv High School. She began modeling at the age of eighteen. She began her professional modeling career in 2008 when she appeared in Ukrainian advertisements. Khomyn traveled to the United States after graduating from high school & studied fashion design at the George Mason University of Virginia.

She has also taught so at UFC gym and in DC nightclubs. Khomyn met Mcvay in 2011 while she was a student at the university, and Mcvay was an assistant for Washington Football Team. With over 77,600 followers on Instagram, she has a substantial following. She frequently posts photographs and videos herself her fiancé McVay on social media. He’s referred to as ‘McBae’ by her. The couple announced their engagement in June of this year.

Who is Sean McVay?

McVay was born in Dayton, Ohio, but moved to Georgia when he was six years old. He grew up in a family heavily involved in sports, particularly football, as his dad, Tim McVay, was a defensive back for Indiana University, and his grandfather, John was a center for the University of Miami.

Sean played football for Miami University in Ohio before beginning his identification of training needs in 2008, then as an athletic assistant for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then as the Florida Tuskers’ wide receivers coach (2009). 

He joined the Washington Redskins as an offensive assistant in 2010, subsequently rising through the ranks to defensive backs coach and quarterbacks coach before being named the new coach of the Rams in 2017, at the age of 30 years and 354 days, the NFL’s youngest head coach in the modern era.

Sean McVay’s Net Worth

Sean McVay’s compensation is at present $8.5 million after signing a five-year contract deal in 2019, according to Business insider, making him one of the six top coaches in the NFL, while his net worth in 2022 approximately is $7 million, as per ESPN Lafayette.

What does Veronika do for a living?

Veronika began her modeling career as a member of the UFC gym & DC Clubbing. She went into fashion design after a successful modeling career. She is currently the owner of a shop. The Instagram sensation is also a fashion designer. With a large Instagram following, she utilizes the medium to raise awareness about natural disasters and other concerns. She also handles their dog’s Instagram account on the very same site, in addition to her own.

Veronika’s Net Worth

Veronika Khomyn is reported to have a net worth of $1 million. Her employment as a supermodel and a social media star would fall under this category.

Veronika’s Nationality

Her ethnicity is Ukrainian-American, and she comes from a Caucasian family. Veronika has been outspoken in her support for Ukraine throughout Russia’s invasion. On February 25, 2022, she shared a photo on Instagram.

Veronika & Sean Love Story


Between 2011 and 2013, while McVay was an assistant head coach for Washington Redskins, now called Washington Commanders, the two met. At the time, the Ukrainian model was enrolled at George Mason University near Fairfax, Virginia.


When McVay was hired as the Rams’ head coach in 2017, the two began their own lives in Los Angeles. The realtor also used Instagram to caption a series of photographs from the field.


Khomyn was known to refer to her boyfriend as “McBee.”


After the Rams’ Super Bowl 53 loss, the duo flew out on vacation. She hinted on Instagram that it was Valentine’s Day in paradise. In June of this year, he confessed to marriage.

She wrote that they had been having so much fun on their trip that they hadn’t had time to write this post, but… “The guy of her dreams, who she describes as her closest friend as well as the joy of her life, has proposed to her,” she posted on Instagram. To which she said YES!!! introduce her McBae for the rest of their lives! Khomyn was seen in the 2020 season of Hard Knocks, which followed the Rams.


It’s time to get back to work! In September 2021, Khomyn captioned a photo taken at SoFi Stadium.


On February 13, Khomyn appeared on the field and celebrate the Rams’ 2022 Super Bowl victory. She said on Instagram that she had witnessed this man grind constantly. Day after day, after day, Working nonstop, he is also quoted as saying that he always puts others first, and winning the Lombardi Trophy to his team, family, and friends… is indeed a dream come true!!! I admire you, sweetie, and you certainly deserve it. Victory is a wonderful treat! She was pleased to post it on Instagram.

Prepared for the Red Carpet

In March 2022, the pair presented the Best Picture award there at the 27th annual Critics’ Awards Ceremony. The Super Bowl champion and Khomyn demonstrated their love for Ukraine during the Russian invasion after announcing The Strength of the Dog’s huge triumph. She gladly stood beside her compatriots Ukrainians, and expressed her admiration for their fortitude, Khomyn remarked of her homeland. Their battle and the way that has unified the globe are amazing, especially given that they have overcome incredible tragedy with tremendous grace and fortitude. She stated that such barbarism seems to have no place in the future and that her thoughts are still with all who have died.

McVay added to his fiancée’s assertion that the human spirit remains even in the worst of situations.

June 2022

On June 5, Khomyn revealed the couple’s marriage through Instagram Story.

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