April 14, 2024

Jenni Hermoso: One Of The Greatest Women’s Soccer Players Ever

Jenni Hermoso

Jennifer “Jenni” Hermoso is a legendary Spanish soccer star who has had a stellar club and international career, punctuated by a victory in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. For her spectacular play during the tournament, Jenni Hermoso was adjudged the second best player and awarded the Silver Ball. However, her glorious victory was overshadowed by a scandal. 

Here’s More About Jenni Hermoso And The Infamous Scandal

Jenni Hermoso’s moment of glory was ruined by Luis Rubiales

Jenni Hermoso arrived at the final of the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup as one of the great stars of the long-awaited match between the Spanish and English teams. Considered one of the best players in the world, her presence at the World Cup was almost obligatory. 

But her long professional career, her skill with the ball, and the victory in the World Cup were clouded by a specific event that had nothing to do with sport: a controversial kiss that Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, gave to the player on her mouth during the celebration for the victory against the English team.

Rubiales and his kiss have occupied almost more headlines than those of the players. However, a performance like Rubiales’s cannot and should not overshadow everything that a player like Jennifer Hermoso has achieved in her sports career.

Jenni Hermoso started playing soccer at a very young age

Born in 1990 in Madrid, Jenni Hermoso started playing indoor soccer at school and 7-a-side soccer with children. Her grandparents lived near Comillas Park and the coach of the local team wanted Hermoso to take a test when he was 12 years old. She was signed there and played until she was 19. 

Soccer runs in Jenni Hermoso’s blood

Jenni Hermoso with her parents

Atletico is the club where the soccer player formed the basis of her game and where she grew up. Her own grandfather had been a goalkeeper at that club and he played a lot of soccer with his granddaughter when she was little. When Jenni started playing more professionally, it was her father who supported her daughter by taking her to all the training sessions regardless of the weather and conditions.

Jenni Hermoso loves her family

Jenni Hermoso has numerous tattoos dedicated to her family

Jenni Hermoso’s career wouldn’t have been possible without her family’s contribution. As a result of that, Jenni Hermoso is extremely attached to her family. She has tattoos that adorn her entire body, for her family, to whom she claims to owe everything so that she has gotten to where she is. 

Jenni Hermoso dedicates all her goals to her grandmother

Jenni Hermoso (left) celebrates her goal for Spain

Her grandmother is also very important in Jenni Hermoso’s life. She died in 2017, and since then she has dedicated every goal she scores to her. Distancing herself from her family due to the constant trips she has made due to her profession has been one of the most difficult things for Jenni Hermoso, one more sacrifice she has had to make to become one of the best players in the world.

Jenni Hermoso made the Spanish National Team at 17

Her perseverance and work allowed this left-footed player to develop a remarkable nose for scoring in front of goal and unquestionable technical quality. After her time at Atletico de Madrid, she made the jump to Rayo Vallecano, with which he managed to win her first League. At the age of 17 she received her first call from the Spanish National Team, news that made her cry with joy with the same euphoria that we saw at the World Cup celebration. 

Jenni Hermoso is a legend for FC Barcelona as well

From 2013 to 2017 she played her first stint as a Barcelona player, where she is the highest scorer in the club’s history. She then signed for French women’s PSG and then returned home to Atletico de Madrid, with whom she won a league title and where she ended up being top scorer. She also played for Tyreso in Sweden and in 2019, she changed the red and white for the Blaugrana again to experience her second stint in Barcelona. 

Jenni Hermoso is rumoured to be Alexia Putellas’ girlfriend

Jenni Hermoso (left) with Alexia Putellas

Since Jenni Hermoso’s name has resonated more strongly, numerous online users have become increasingly curious about her personal life and romantic ties. Although the Spanish soccer player is known for her secretive nature, she rarely shares details about these aspects on her social media platforms. However, various Internet users have made connections between her and her teammate, Alexia Putellas. Although the existence of a romantic relationship between the two has not been officially verified, it is undeniable that they maintain an extremely close friendship.

Jenni Hermoso is a pure winner on the football field

Jenni Hermoso with the 2023 World Cup Trophy

By then, she was already described by some of her professional colleagues as “the most fearsome striker in Europe.” She finished 2021 at the top of her career, with a historic treble with Barcelona, more goals than any other player, and the Silver Ball award. Jenni Hermoso has 4 leagues, won with Rayo, Barca, and Atletico, two Spanish Queen’s Cups, and a French Cup in the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain. At 30 years old, she was the first soccer player in Spanish history to be nominated by FIFA for best player in the world.

Second in the Ballon d’Or after Alexia Putellas, she was named Best Goal Scorer in the World in 2021 by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). Current forward of Pachuca Femenil, in 2022 Jorge Vilda counted on her again to don the colors of her National Team after a knee injury that also prevented her from playing in the Euro Cup. On August 20, 2023, she cried a lot when the Spanish team won the World Cup. Jenni Hermoso’s tears were the reflection of satisfaction at seeing that so much work and sacrifice had paid off. It’s a pity that Luis Rubiales ruined such a glorious moment with his disgusting behaviour. However, once the dust settles, Jenni Hermoso will still be a FIFA World Cup Champion, and nothing can take that away from her.

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