May 19, 2024

How Can the Bulgarian Casino Palms Bet Become Available in Canada?

How Can the Bulgarian Casino Palms Bet Become Available in Canada

Many companies think that they only have to keep their existing clients happy in order to be successful. However, experienced iGaming platforms know that there are loads of other things they have to take into consideration. For example, PalmsBet Casino Bulgaria is well aware that the market it focuses on is small, so it can’t really make as much revenue as it wants. Sure, Bulgaria is a place where loads of people bet on a daily basis, but the country has around 7M people, which is less than some cities.

Since Palms Bet is one of the few forward-thinking gambling platforms, the brand has already made some steps to increase its popularity in other places. Even though it is trying to become popular in Africa, Palms Bet might also decide to expand into North America.

Since becoming available in the U.S. is complicated, companies like this online casino may try to become available in Canada. Let’s see some of the things that Palms Bet could do if it wants to operate there.

First, Palms Bet should obtain a license from a gambling commission that will let the site operate in many countries

One of the first things that every online betting operator needs to do in order to operate in a given country is to get a permit. There are cases where online casinos and bookies work without a license, but experienced gamblers know that they should avoid them.

If we look at Palms Bet in Bulgaria, we can see that this company has completed the procedure that granted it a permit from the local legislation. There were some legislative problems in Bulgaria a couple of years ago, which is why the country’s IRS is responsible for issuing licenses and regulating the gambling sector.

Even though Palms Bet has a Bulgarian license, this thing won’t allow the company to operate in places like Canada. As you may know, this is one of the few places where gambling is technically illegal (at least in most parts of the country). Therefore, gaining a permit from the local authorities is almost impossible.

Since Palms Bet will have problems with the licenses, the company will most likely prefer to contact one of the reputable iGaming commissions. Aside from the one in Malta, many casinos and bookies use Curacao’s government, so we expect Palms Bet to do the same.

The online casino may have to create a mirror link

Although the license should be enough for most online casinos to operate in a given jurisdiction, this is not the case if the brand is popular. Palms Bet is one of the leading names in the gambling business in Europe, which explains why so many people use the site daily. The bad news is that its popularity will prevent it from staying “under the radar” and operating in Canada without gaining a permit from the local authorities.

Aside from advertising the fact that people need to use VPNs, Palms Bet can avoid those problems by creating a mirror version of its website. This is a common practice among iGaming companies because it lets them bypass the strict regulations and allow people to avail themselves of everything they offer.

If Palms Bet decides to come up with such a thing, it will most likely provide everything that made it famous in Bulgaria. As you probably know, the site has an impressive array of casino titles, loads of bonuses, unique features, and so on.

Palms Bet should research the local market and provide all of the things that people are interested in

If the people who run Palms Bet decide to become available in Canada, they will eventually find a way to do that. However, the fact that Canadian bettors will be able to access this site doesn’t mean that they will use it. 

Online casino fans in Bulgaria love slots and want to use interesting bonuses. That’s the reason why Palms Bet has loads of options for both things and keeps improving its platform by adding even more options.

Of course, the things that are popular in Bulgaria are not always among the preferred options in Canada. Hence, brands like Palms Bet need to conduct their own research and learn more about local punters’ interests and what they want to bet on. 

A quick overview of other online casinos in Canada shows that people are most interested in slots and games with live dealers. This is good news for Palms Bet because the Bulgarian online casino has both and already works with some of the big casino software suppliers.

Palms Bet has to focus on the payment options that are available in Canada

The last thing that Palms Bet should do if it wants to be successful in this North American country is to pay more attention to its payment options. Nowadays, the company offers a lot of things, but they are most popular in Bulgaria. People who reside there and want to use the online casino can make deposits and withdrawals with e-wallets, A1, bank transfers, and other popular alternatives.

Even though some of them may be functional in Canada, Palms Bet will have to add a couple of other options if it wants to stand out. Some of the best gambling sites in Canada are notorious for offering cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. As a result, Palms Bet may have to provide those payment solutions if it wants to gain loads of customers.

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