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Harrison Wilson III- Biography, Career, Net Worth

Parents play a crucial part in their children’s ability to succeed in any sports profession. Russell Wilson’s situation is not any different. His success in the NFL now is due to Harrison Benjamin Wilson III. In addition, his father served as his childhood hero. In most of their interviews and media appearances, Russell also discusses the crucial lessons learned from his father.

His father was a superb athlete who played baseball and football for the Dartmouth College teams. Wilson’s success in baseball or football at the university level is thus not surprising. bringing his talent for football to the NFL later. However, Russell Wilson’s father died in 2010 from complications related to his diabetes one day after already being selected by Colorado.

About Harrison

Harrison Wilson Jr. and Anna Wilson welcomed Harrison Wilson into the world on November 9th, 1954. His father then wedded Lucy Wilson, a longtime Norfolk Public School board member, after her mother passed away in late 1960 as a result of surgical complications.

In addition, he has five additional siblings: 2 sisters & 3 brothers. Between 1951 to 1960, Russell Wilson’s grandpa served as the head coach at Jackson State University. In addition, he chaired the Department of Health & Physical Education from 1960 to 1967. Harrison Wilson Jr. has a remarkable record of 340 wins & 72 losses altogether in his 16 years of coaching collegiate basketball.

Similarly, after taking the oath of office of Norfolk State University in 1975, his leadership elevated the institution’s prominence in southeast Virginia. He retired in 1997, and the NSU administration building was dedicated in his honor. Rusell Wilson comes from a long line where achievement has been passed down through the years, therefore it should come as no surprise that he is successful.

Harrison Wilson III attended Dartmouth University after graduating from high school and participated in baseball and football. He was a baseball infielder and a wide receiver in football. He assisted in creating Dartmouth’s first black fraternity since he was one of the few African American collegiate athletes.

He performed exceptionally both academically and as a player in college. He provided the ideal illustration of a superb student-athlete. One of the NFL prospects who aspired to play in the league upon graduating from college was Harrison Wilson III.

Professional Life

Harrison Wilson III started his professional career as a football & baseball player while he was a student at Dartmouth University. Harrison was the lone athlete in the college league during those times, and he helped form the university’s first black fraternity.

Wilson was also exceptionally skilled in sports and eventually excelled as a wide receiver in football and an infielder in baseball. He was able to dribble and pass the ball during his first years of college. Wilson participated in a preseason game with the San Diego Chargers, but because of his subpar performance in the workouts, he was never selected for the club.

Wilson also attended the University of Virginia to pursue a legal education after graduating in 1980. He subsequently went on to serve as an attorney general for many companies. During his lifetime, Wilson also rose to the position of executive director of Hard Road to Glory Sports Hall of Fame.

Personal Life


Harrison Wilson III married Tammy T. Wilson, who’d been born around November 4, 1959, during his lifetime. Before this, she was a legal nurse counselor. Tammy was the perfect wife—very devout & devoted to her husband. The couple also had two sons and a gorgeous girl, making a total of three children.

Harrison’s Kids

Harrison Wilson IV

Harrison Wilson IV is Harrison Wilson III’s oldest child. In college, he participated in two sports, much like his brother and father. He participated in football and basketball at the University of Richmond. Harrison is to blame for Russell’s transition to quarterback.

He asked his brother to play quarterback during practice so he could toss the ball to him as a wide receiver. He now serves as the CEO and co-founder of Limitless Minds.

Russell Wilson

Harrison Wilson III’s middle kid is Russell Wilson. One of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, he is. Russell played college football at Wisconsin and North Carolina State University before breaking into the NFL. Russell was later chosen during the  2012 NFL Draft by the Seattle Sea Hawks. Since then, he has been loyal to the Seahawks. He has also participated in every game for the Seahawks throughout every NFL season. Similarly, his 4-year contract extension worth $140 million with the Seahawks in 209 is the 4th richest contract in NFL history.

Russell became an outstanding baseball and football player, proving that Harrison Wilson III’s instruction was successful. Russell does the same thing by recording the strategies his father told him on his sports tape before each game.

Anna Wilson

The only daughter and youngest child of Harrison Wilson III are Anna Wilson. In the same way, the 2016 Mc Donald’s All-American During her senior year of high school, Anna Wilson competed for Bellevue High School. She scored 15.3 PPG in her final year, going unbeaten. She later committed to Stanford University and was given a 5-star prospect rating by ESPN. Anna started each game in the Cardinal’s run to the NCAA championship during her fifth season. She was also named the defensive player of the year in Pac-12 in 2021.

Additionally, Anna won the 2014 FIBA U-17 World Championship while playing for the USA. Like his brother, Anna shared a unique relationship with her father. Tammy used to frequently travel for business, as her brother was typing away at a game. As a result, Anna mostly took good care of Harrison Wilson III. Her father passed down fast when she was just 12 years old. Anna claims that losing her father taught her to see the best in others even when they are at their worst.

Russell’s relationship with his father

Without his father, Russell Wilson would have not enjoyed a successful NFL career and would not be the recognized leader he is now. Harrison Wilson III served as a fantastic role model for his child as they grew up, on both the field and in the academic. Russell grew up working out with his father as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that each of his children excels in their particular sports.

At six in the morning, he would take him into team football practice. Later, when he was walking home, he questioned him about what had transpired. He also impersonated a football announcer and occasionally conducted interviews with him. He also picked up a lot of phrases and proverbs.

Russell became an outstanding baseball and football player, proving that Harrison Wilson III’s instruction was successful. Russell does the same thing by recording the strategies his father told him on his sports tape before each game. Russell also frequently brings up his father’s priceless life teachings in conversations and media sessions. Last but not least, Russell founded the Why Not You Foundation after being motivated by his father.

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