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The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off in July 2023 as one of history’s most exciting Women’s Soccer Tournaments. The competition has been full of surprises and excellent sportsmanship from the teams. Consequently, sports enthusiasts make huge wins from this historic competition by betting on their preferred teams. 

The betting market is the same as other football and Casinojungle gambling prospects, while the odds depend on the team’s strength. Don’t forget that Canada allows you keep all you win. This review is a detailed guide on how to make those winning bets and also sites you can start from.

Soccer betting remains one of the most rewarding sports betting options. The competitions attract international wagers, which affect the betting odds and increase the punter’s payout. The winning opportunities at the FIFA Women’s World Cup are higher now than in any other tournament because the games have attracted more attention than usual, bringing the tournament to the forefront of media and sports analysis. This guide would be enough to improve your winning chances.

Factors To Consider Before Making Soccer Bets

While a soccer bet is very lucrative, some basic factors can affect your winning chances. It is necessary to consider these factors before placing your bets on the FIFA Women’s World Cup:

  • Team Strength
  • Best Odds
  • Betting Market
  • Sportsbook

Team Strength

Unlike most gambling activities that rely on luck, sports betting is a strategy game, and the stronger team, most times, has better-winning chances. Getting detailed knowledge of the team before staking on them profers a better outcome. 

Some teams in the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup have shown promise and maintained their winning streaks through the round of 16. Getting the winning patterns of these teams and their weaknesses would help decide how to place your bets.

Betting Odds

Odds may be one of the biggest benefits of sports betting. These odds help gauge your winning chances and even offer a conclusive range of your winning chances. The stronger teams have better chances of winning, but they come with lesser odds than the underdogs. 

However, everyone knows that the tables turn easily in soccer. A weak team could gain the advantage and win despite being the underdog. 

The best way to use the odds is to combine them with a detailed knowledge of the teams you are betting on and use the most appropriate betting market.

Soccer Betting Markets 

As reported on forbes, if you are new to soccer bets, knowing the betting market and understanding how they work is crucial. The right choice of the betting market can improve your winning chances or save you from a big loss. Most sports bets, including Women’s football, maintain the following betting markets:

  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Asian Handicap
  • Over/Under
  • ACCA


Placing an Outright or money line bet is easy; you only have to bet that one team will win a match or the entire tournament. This is one of the safest ways to win a football bet, especially when you are not confident in either team. 

Moneyline comes with precise odds that show you the Favourite team and the Underdog. The team with the lower odds is called the Favorite because they have a higher winning chance, while the other team with the higher odds is called the Underdog. With a money line, you can wager on the underdog to win the match, or even the World Cup and a right prediction would mean a high payout because of the high odds.


More experienced sports punters prefer Point Spread because it is more detailed. The points spread or handicap as some people call it, allows you to bet on how many points the teams would score in that match. This market is more convenient for players with good knowledge of the team’s strength or for anyone good at their guessing game. 

In Point Spread, you get to bet on how many points or goals the teams would get in that match. Betting on +1.5 for the United States means you expect the team to have one goal or zero goals, but a -2.5 means they will score 3 goals or more in that match. 

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is similar to the point spread, but it has some restrictions or advantages, depending on how you look at it. In Asian Handicap, the bookmaker limits how to win or lose. 

The bookmaker usually sets a benchmark for the favourite team (the team with the higher winning chances). If the favourite scores about the scoreline, players that bet on them win. But if the game ends in a draw or with fewer points than the benchmark, the punters lose that game.


We call this the Goal line in Soccer, and it is one of the most precise market options. Here, the sportsbook sets a score range, usually 2.5, as a benchmark for the number of goals the teams would score. This means that players can bet on whether the teams in a match would score over 2.5 goals, that is, two or more goals, or under that number. Players can always increase or reduce the goal line depending on their game knowledge.  


ACCA is an accumulator bet where you can combine two or more game selections in a single bet. Some punters call it the Parley Bet because it allows them to bring multiple wagers in one slip. 

ACCA allows you to place all other betting markets in one bet slip. One advantage of this bet is that it increases your winning chances since you can put multiple bet options and increase the odds in one bet slip. However, losing any bet you have placed in the ACCA also means losing every other bet. 


The choice of a sportsbook remains the ultimate factor when placing a football bet. The betting odds and markets are subject to the bookmaker’s selections. A sportsbook that does not provide adequate betting markets or offer lower odds than expected would reduce the punter’s winning chances.

You should also ensure that the sportsbook has adequate security & license, convenient payment options, and other necessary features for a smooth betting experience.

We are Rooting for You!

As you place your bets in this exciting FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup, we advise you to pay attention to your betting options. Consider the factors provided in this guide and bet responsibly. May the odds be in your favour.

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