April 14, 2024

Who Are the Jokic Brothers- All You Need to Know!

The Jokic brothers have made headlines earlier in the year for being ferocious giants who fiercely guard their little sibling. The brothers of Nikola are the ones that nobody wants to tangle with. They are enormous, ripped, and capable of taking down most men. Nemanja Joki is the middle kid, and Strahinja Joki is the eldest of Nikola Joki’s two elder brothers. 

Starting July 2021, Devin Booker of the Suns and Nikola got into a fight. Strahinja Joki, the oldest of the three, lost her mind to the court. Even the best basketball players wouldn’t want to deal with a man this enormous, with tattooed biceps and standing 7 feet tall. Let’s explore this exciting, engaging, and action-packed story in-depth and in detail.

About Jokić’s Brothers


Strahinja Joki, 40 years old, was born in Sombor, Serbia, in 1982. There is currently no information accessible on his precise birthdate, schooling, dating history, etc. He was detained in 2019 for an alleged assault. He was accused of shoving and choking a girl. His wife, as per Serbian media, is the lady. He was also reported drinking alcohol in a Denver residence with a lady, according to press sources. In terms of appearance, Strahinja resembles a typical hillbilly with unreleased wrath. He doesn’t look like his younger brother Nikola, though. The word Strahinja means “fear of others” in English. However, not all criticism of him is unfavorable.

What do Strahinja’s Supporters and Fans Have to Say? 

People remark that he is nothing more than a 7-foot-tall man with drinking issues. On the internet, there are reports of him driving violently when intoxicated. Basketball fans dislike Strahinja because of his immaturity and recklessness. Additionally, it is said that as his NBA star brother’s wealth increased, so did his arrogance. He allegedly reportedly screamed at Serbian media to fuck off and leave Nikola alone even before the FIBA world championship. One of the NBA fans stated that he is delighted that this occurred in the USA, here since (Sombor, Serbia) he might not have any accusations against his reference to the assault accusations.

Furthermore, he added, It will be severe enough for him to learn that he needs to act, and the USA isn’t Serbia. His family is wealthy enough to have expensive counsel, so he won’t go to jail.

Similarly, a fan of the Denver Nuggets star Nikola Joki said they had no compassion for the criminal and were just concerned about how this would influence Nikola’s performance. Additionally, they are all aware of how close he is to his siblings and how frequently he carries his emotional baggage with him to court.

Rarely a Positive Remark 

One of the few encouraging remarks was that they work out at the same gym with him & his second elder sibling. He gets along well with Strahinja, who shows him the best places to go in Serbia to snap photographs of the landscape.

The same user further stated that he and his other brother had instructed him to inform them when he was traveling to Serbia so that they could tour him around. Hearing this is upsetting! He intends to seek therapy for his alcohol problem, according to the report.

The Effect of Charges of Assault 

Assault is a serious offense, and even minor infractions can result in an immigrant’s deportation. Both his performance as a footballer and his emotional and mental status like a brother may have been impacted by this. A follow-up investigation has not been released since the news was initially reported online. Numerous others said that the allegations against him were eventually withdrawn.


Nemanja Joki, like his other brothers, was raised in Sombor, Serbia. Nemanja was born on August 26th, 1984. Before Nikola had been born in 1995, he spent over a decade as the youngest kid. He is also the shortest of the three brothers, standing at 6’6″ tall (198 cm). However, when he was a member of the Detroit Mercy Titans, his weight was 220 pounds (100 kg). Nemanja averaged 20 points per game while playing high school basketball at Mechanical High School in West Backa.

Nemanja, a Jokic family member, graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a degree in business administration. He played basketball in college, like Strahinja and Nikola, and continued to play the game after graduating. He played in Division I. Nemanja represented the University at Detroit Mercy in collegiate basketball. He allegedly participated in 29 of the Titans’ 30 games as a freshman.

According to reports, he said playing collegiate basketball in the U.s gave him the biggest excitement in sports. His abilities are contrasted with Nikola’s, and it is claimed that their styles and aptitudes were comparable. Nemanja participated in the Juniors class as a forward. He had been University of Detroit Mercy’s leading scorer in the 2008–09 season with an astounding 19 total 3-pointers. He applied to the 2010 NBA draughts with the hopes of being selected by an NBA team, but he was sadly not selected.

Nemanja’s Career

He participated in MMA in 2019. He has three victories and zero defeats as of 14th in March of that same year. Unfortunately, no further information about the MMA career has appeared. Now he makes cross-state trips to see his brother Nikola’s games. There is currently no more information available about the profession he was working in.

Jokić’s Brothers’ Relationship

Growing as a Family 

Nikola Joki’s brothers used intimidation to force him to do things he didn’t want to do or whenever they feel like it as a child. The childhood tale Nikola tells is among the craziest ever. He once objected to climbing a tree, so the two elder brothers decided to discipline him. Knives were thrown about his head as his arms were restrained and held down.

In the history of the NBA, this is without a doubt the silliest act a brother has ever done. Nemanja remembers Strahinja, the oldest son, flinging Nikola from one bed to another. He used to torment little Nikola while playing tense games on a miniature plastic hoop. It appears as if Strahinja was a bitter loser from the beginning.


The Joki brothers are currently unable to be separated. The brothers of Nikola Joki were so connected that they shared an apartment with Natalija Macesic, Nikola’s longtime partner. Although Nikola is married to his longtime lover, it is uncertain whether this tradition still exists. 

The people who like Nikola Joki the most are probably his brothers. To attend Nikola’s basketball games, they travel across the US. They are rumored to be roadies because they detest flying. The brothers of Nikola Joki continue to assist him in every way they could, whether on the court or off it. The three have a special bond with one another

Net Worth

The combined net worth of the Joki brothers is said to be over $30 million. According to reports, Jokić’s won nearly $80 million in prize money from tournaments between 2015 and 2021, including a whopping $29 million only this season.

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