March 2, 2024
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Which Betting Categories Should Betano Focus on if It Wants to Operate in New Markets?

Which Betting Categories Should Betano Focus on if It Wants to Operate in New Markets

If you visit some of the top-tier European betting websites, you will see that many of them offer plenty of betting categories. Some sites want to improve their sports betting sections, whereas others only pay attention to the casino. The good news is that Silentbet Bulgaria has a great review of Betano, which shows that certain companies want to improve all of the betting categories to be popular. Needless to say, the Bulgarian online betting market is really competitive, so every site that wants to be popular there needs to step up its game.

Speaking of markets, people that are familiar with Betano know that this site is accessible in several other places. While it is true that it mainly focuses on Europe, punters in other parts of the world can also put the site’s services to the test. 

Betano will definitely want to become the go-to option in many countries, and one of them is Canada. So, here are some of the betting categories it should pay attention to.

The classic sportsbook

People from all over the world bet on sports, which is why every gambling site needs a sportsbook to succeed. The gambling sites that are only available in Bulgaria and Europe can focus on football because everyone loves this sport. However, sites like Betano that are available in many countries need to provide more options.

It seems like the bookmaker knows what it needs to do because an overview of its sportsbook shows that there are plenty of alternatives. In fact, Betano changes some of the things it offers depending on the jurisdiction. For example, users in Bulgaria can bet on more football events, whereas those in other parts of the world focus on other sports.

That said, if Betano wants to operate in new markets, such as Canada, it needs to provide multiple betting options for sports like ice hockey. Needless to say, the North American country is known for having one of the best ice hockey teams in the world.

Betano should try to provide even more eSports betting options

Regular sports have loads of fans, but there is no arguing that eSports is one of the hottest betting options right now. This is among the few sports that have fans worldwide, including in Europe and North America.

Although some gambling sites do not provide many eSports betting options, Betano has plenty of them. This company will let you punt on titles like League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There might be even more titles to pick from, but it depends on your location because Betano is accessible in many jurisdictions.

Canada is not the hottest eSports betting market in the world, but this doesn’t mean people don’t like punting. On the contrary, the country is home to numerous top-rated teams and players, which is why people bet on it. In other words, gambling sites that want to be successful must step up their game and offer even more betting categories.

Virtual Sports

Many people are wondering why online bettors punt on virtual sports when they can bet on the real thing. The answer is simple – virtual sports are available around the clock and provide online gamblers with plenty of opportunities. 

The good news is that Betano is one of the few sites where users have the chance to stake on virtual sports from the comfort of their homes. A quick look at the company’s platform in places like Bulgaria shows that local iGaming fans can find all sorts of options. Aside from instant trotting and speedway, punters can wager on virtual football, tennis, and much more.

Once Betano starts offering these options in other countries, it will make a name for itself and gain a lot of customers. If the brand wants to be even more successful, it can also provide bettors with different promotions. This will allow Betano to quickly make a name for itself in the new betting market.

Poker client

One of the few things that differentiate some online betting operators from the rest is the poker client. Although some iGaming fans do not like poker because this game is complicated, others are fascinated by the fact that it is more engaging. No wonder poker is one of the go-to options for those who use real casinos.

Speaking of poker, Betano is one of the sites where gamblers can come across different poker games. However, the company has yet to provide a separate poker client, which will have a positive effect if it decides to operate in new regions.

If we take a look at some of the world’s most famous betting operators, we can see that they provide different poker clients that can be downloaded and installed on loads of devices. Most poker apps allow people to take part in different events and even play against some of the best players in the world.

Other options

Even though Betano has almost everything mentioned above, the company can add even more betting options if it wants to operate in different markets. For example, people are often interested in things like scratch cards, lotto, bingo, and more.

Keep in mind that a brand like Betano will only add those things if they are worth it. So, once you notice that they are available, you can be sure that they will provide you with the best possible experience.

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