June 27, 2022
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What Makes a Sportsbook Reliable in 2022?

What Makes a Sportsbook Reliable

The legalization of online sportsbooks in Canada is sure to push forward hundreds of online businesses. Even though gamblers can place wagers online for a very long time, live sports, and sportsbook managers that allow sports betting was not a fancy sight.

 Because of the lack of such facilities, you had to rely on external platforms. In this article, we’ll focus on aspects that make a sportsbook reliable, to take the best advantage of this new development.

This is not just applicable in Canada, but in all new regions where new laws and regulations open doors to real money betting on sports. Legal online sports betting is available in the US, and Europe with various websites that review them and rate them regularly.

Online Betting Growth

It is to be expected that by the end of 2022, there will be a major boom in the sports gambling industry with many countries moving towards their legalization. Many of these countries plan to legalize both in-person and online betting.

For example, in the United States of America alone, there are some 112 million citizens that account for one third of their population who can now legally place wagers on sports and, without even leaving their couch. Online wagering has allowed a form of on-the-go gambling that was not accessible before.

There are another 50 million who can visit any nearby betting avenue and place bets. The whole process has become much simpler and faster. This added convenience is pushing the market to new levels and greater heights.

The year 2022 is just the beginning of this new trend and many more states are moving towards legalization. The gambling industry, stakeholders, investors, and gamblers are all part of this big ecosystem.

 New York allowed mobile sportsbook betting in January of 2022. And, April 4th was when Ontario became the first province in Canada to host a competitive sports betting market in the nation.

Thus, the begging question is to understand how to find out which sportsbook is reliable in 2022 when new markets emerge. As a new gambler in a region or state that just legalized it, and many companies are coming forward with ads and promotions, it becomes a major headache to figure out where to place wagers.      

The best brands, reputed names, and high ratings are some ways to look out for the good, but we shall talk about these in some detail here for better understanding.

The Most Trustworthy Sportsbook

Finding the one that you can trust is not a simple job because it involves a lot of things. Curated brands are based on a variety of factors like customer satisfaction, service, attractive odds, live streams, promotions, and additional savings for valuable customers, and so on.

The depth of a brand’s betting market can vary from amateur to professional. Mobile and online gambling also rely on technology, mobile apps, the website, navigation and user interface, and more.

 There are brands that set themselves apart with attractive bonus programs where players will receive incentives for staying longer. The various incentives to continue wagering helps retain customers. When a site offers a healthy and generous proposition for placing wagers, players will surely come back more often.

Because of these reasons, if you are in Canada’s Ontario and wish to find the best Canadian sportsbooks online in 2022, take note of such reviews, ratings, and independent evaluations of a brand.

 The best brands are often multinational and have worldwide coverage on multiple platforms. Therefore, it is always best to go with them as a beginner and then try out as a newcomer. This is because of mutual benefit and the learning curve when placing real money wagers for the very first time.

We can divide the trustworthiness and reliability of a sportsbook based on the following factors.

  1. Live betting facility
  2. Reduced juice
  3. Competitive bonus programs
  4. Depth of betting market

The above four are major factors that can influence one’s decision. These also work in favor of the gamblers. Therefore, when reading reviews, consider reviewing the lines that comment on the above aspects of any online betting platform, on any sportsbook.

Canada is a new market and it has some good brands. The top 10 brands now available in Canada in 2022 are major household names with a strong legacy and not just newcomers. So, you don’t have to worry much if you register with them to get an experience of this fascinating world of real and live sports betting.

Although sports betting was available earlier partly as an optional chance through provincial lotteries, it has become legal in Canada now. The same is true for many states in the US. And, elsewhere in the world with emerging markets like India, and Southeast Asia.

While there will always be some leaders and reliable brands based on local market and region, some names can be as good as they can get. Yes, doing some online search is a good idea because there are several ways to find the top and most reliable sportsbook within a few seconds.

Many reviews and rating sites do the heavy lifting while you can simply browse their concluding remarks and find the first site to gamble. This initial experience will help you learn more, and choose wisely next. Do all this to have the least risk.


The best thing about choosing wisely is to minimize the initial risk and bet lite. Because sportsbooks and live betting on matches are also chance-based games, somewhat based on skill, you should not go beyond your budget.

Because one cannot tell a payout guarantee in these games, you should go with the best odds possible. There are various ways to minimize further risk and enjoy the fascinating experience.

Online and mobile sportsbook betting allows more flexibility to play on any gambling site from anywhere and anytime. You don’t even have to leave your home. Legalization helps a lot to bring in authentic brands that give the best user experience possible in the gambling industry.

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