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Veronica Stigeler: Bio, Husband, Singer, Net Worth

Veronica Stigeler is married to famed football star Bill Cowher, and this is why she makes it to the headlines quite often. She holds popularity in the music world under the moniker, Queen V. Veronica is a fantastic singer who was given her singing powers by the gods. She has beautiful singing and writing abilities. Veronica is an exceptionally talented violinist who met her partner by pure chance. Even if her career wasn’t as interesting as her husband’s, it is nonetheless deserving of praise.

Here’s everything you need to know about Bill Cowher’s wife, her musical career, wealth, and the relations she has formed over the years.


Veronica Carla Stigeler was born in New York City, New York, on February 23, 1974. (U.S.). The fact that she works in the entertainment sector has prevented her from sharing any information about the location of her parents or siblings. In addition, she was born in the United States, is Caucasian, and has a mixture of European heritage. Stigeler furthermore attended a high school in her city.

Additionally, Veronica had a natural liking for music at a young age. So, assuming she attended any, we may conclude that she participated in one high school band & subsequently continued her enthusiasm for further education. Also, it seems that Veronica had some formal instruction based on her guitar playing style and vocal abilities. She would start her search for her voice, as a solo performer, with one guitar in her arms and a shred of hope.

Physical Appearance

Stigeler is currently 47 years old because she was born around 1974. Even since she is getting close to middle age, when many musicians, including herself, strive to slow down and settle down, her enthusiasm does not appear to fade. Additionally, On the other side, her hubby is a large man who is 6’4″ tall (1.93 m). The musician is a little woman who likely measures between 5’3″ (1.61 m) and 5’5″ (1.67 m). 

Similar to this, Stigeler is aware of the need of promoting body acceptance while staying in shape as a minor star. According to her Instagram, the 47-year-old does have an ectomorphic physique with a well-formed frame.

The singer also has medium-length black hair, a distinguishing feature that complements her pale skin. The most striking features of Veronica are her stunning green eyes, angular nose, and broad square face.


Veronica has spent over half of her life as a vocalist, to start. She was able to release several singles, LPs, and EPs throughout this time that have had their fan bases. Her album’s most popular tracks included Good Girls, Best of Me, Slip Away & Cry Your Eyes Out. In addition to singing, Stigeler is a skilled songwriter and composer.

Veronica has worked with fellow musician Chad Carlson for a long time, and they are good friends. It is strongly recommended to listen to the tracks the musical pair have created together that they have released on Spotify. Veronica, a.k.a. Queen V, typically does live performances in several taverns and pubs across New York. The Cutting Room, Alice and Olivia, Ulysses’ Folk House, and other designers come to mind.

Despite this, Queen V holds fundraising events throughout her performances to express her support for the LGBT community. She primarily collaborated with the NHL, and the You Can Play Foundation to help boost engagement among LGBT people.

Personal life

Cowher, who was up in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Crafton, Pennsylvania, excelled at soccer, basketball, & track at Carlynton High. He was the team captain, starting linebacker, and MVP during his final season at NC State. He holds a bachelor’s in education from the university in 1979.

Cowher signed mostly with Cleveland Browns the year after he started his NFL career as a linebacker with Philadelphia Eagles in 1979. Before being moved back to Eagles, and he played for two more seasons (1983–84), Cowher spent 3 seasons (1980–82) at Cleveland, where he became a representative of the Kardiac Kids. During his time in Philadelphia, he once tackled a teenage Jeff Fisher (later the head coach of the Tennessee Titans & St. Louis Rams) while the two teams were playing the Chicago Bears, breaking Fisher’s leg in the process.

Bill may have been won over by Veronica Stigler, but she was just the second. In the beginning, each of them would have been married to a different person. As an example, Stigeler got married to an anonymous basketball star but afterward split up with him for an unknown cause. 

In a similar vein, Cowher wed Kaye Cowher, a basketball player, in 1993. A magnificent wedding attended by family and friends was held for the couple. However, Bill and his wife didn’t suddenly fall out in Bill’s situation.

Instead, beautiful lovely Kaye lost away in 2010 as a result of a crippling disease. 

Additionally, it took time for the heartbroken NFL great to open up to dating again, the same was true for Veronica. Cowher’s daughters and other loved ones understood his situation, but only love can enable him to overcome the vacuum. 

Eventually, as luck would have it, Veronica and Bill happened to cross paths. There is no disputing how well the sparks flew in that instant, and Stigeler discovered Cowher to be the guy who would nurture and pull her up. Consequently, the couple exchanged vows in 2014. Meagan, Lauren, and three Lindsay, Cowher’s kids from a previous marriage, see Stigeler as a family member as their second mother even though she is a stepmother.

Net Worth

Stigeler’s net worth is around $500k despite being a musician almost for two decades. Considering Veronica’s covert musical endeavors, the amount is respectable. Additionally, according to trustworthy sources, her Cry Your Eyes Out vocalist makes between $46k and $65k a year. In addition, the majority of her albums are accessible online, and such streaming services probably provide a considerable portion of her revenue.

Moving on, the well-known NFL linebacker Bill Cowher does have a net worth that matches that of the majority of his former colleagues. Even at 62 years old, he reportedly earns a staggering $18 million from his work as a studio commentator for CBS. The former NFL star receives an annual salary of $4 million from his analyst gig, which is similar. Cowher, on the other hand, earned an astounding $2 million a year when coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bill’s contract was again extended by the team in 2001, which resulted in a deal that paid him $7 million over three years plus a $2.8 million incentive. The legendary NFL player also currently lives in a $2.65 million townhouse in Central Park. Another Raleigh, North Carolina, property owned by Bill cost him $2.39 million, and he eventually sold it for $1.8 million. Well, for someone as wealthy as Cowher, a loss isn’t that significant.

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