March 2, 2024
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These Steps Will Help You Find the Best Bulgarian Bookmaker

These Steps Will Help You Find the Best Bulgarian Bookmaker

Sports betting websites have become a lot more popular in the last couple of years, especially in countries like Bulgaria. The latter has pro-gambling legislation that allows people to access a wide range of operators. So, don’t be surprised by the list of Bulgarian bookmakers from Betenemy and the fact that every brand there offers different options. The reviews found on this site will help Bulgarian online bettors find the website they like the most and use its services.

Many people in this European country have some kind of experience when dealing with online bookmakers. This helps them choose the most appropriate operator. However, even those online punters don’t know some of the things we will point out in this review. So, if you are among the many bettors who want to find the best Bulgarian bookmaker, take a look at these steps.

Check whether the website sponsors local football clubs or other kinds of competitions

The first thing that will help you find a top-rated online bookmaker is to check its sponsorship deals. Nowadays, some of the best companies advertise their services using all sorts of things, including sponsorship deals. The latter comes in different forms, but it seems like sponsoring some of the best football/eSports teams is the most popular option.

There are a couple of big online bookies in Bulgaria and Canada, and if you look at them, you will see that some of them have partnership deals with different teams. There are even brands that sponsor the entire football league. This is usually a sign that the given company is legit and offers more football betting options than others.

Download the app or open the mobile site to see what it offers

Even though Bulgarian online bookmakers offer almost the same things as other betting companies, there are a couple of differences. One of the most notable ones is related to the given company’s mobile apps. If you read more information on Betenemy about the top Bulgarian bookmakers, you will learn that most of them don’t have a mobile betting application. Consequently, players have to use the betting site, regardless of whether they have an Android or an iOS device.

The absence of a mobile application will disappoint many people, especially those who’ve used a foreign gambling platform. However, the mobile sites offered by some Bulgarian online betting platforms are more than capable of satisfying even the pickiest gambling fans. They feature various betting categories, all of the popular bonuses, and even the different security features.

Do not pick a specific betting website just because someone recommend it

One of the big mistakes made by people worldwide is related to picking a given gambling site just because someone else told them it was worth it. What’s good for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you. That’s why you should be careful who you trust, especially regarding choosing a website where you will have to wager using your own money.

If someone recommends a given online betting operator in Canada or Bulgaria, you should check it out and put everything to the test. Check things like the betting sections, promos, features, history, sponsorship deals, etc. It is also advisable to compare it to a specific betting site that you know is good. This will help you decide whether the given betting company is worth it.

Testing the customer support department can tell you a lot about the specific bookmaker or casino

Like their European counterparts, online bookmakers in Bulgaria have a separate customer support section. They may not offer as many contact options, but the people who work there usually do whatever they can to help online bettors. Consequently, the reviews from Betenemy regarding the top Bulgarian online bookmakers show that some companies have live chat, email, and other contact solutions.

Sadly, having plenty of ways to communicate with a given brand doesn’t mean it will help you. The only way to put this to the test is by using these options when you have a problem. Once that happens, you have to pay attention to specific things, such as the response time. Also, check whether the support agent uses copied answers because this is a big problem.

If you have doubts about the given company’s legitimacy, ask the gambling commission

The gambling commission in every country has a key role in this hobby, and this one is not an exception. Following several legislative changes and a scandal around one of the biggest Bulgarian iGaming companies, the government decided to make changes. Instead of having a stand-alone gambling commission, this responsibility was given to NAP, which is the country’s tax authority. 

Fortunately, everything else remained the same, which meant that iGaming sites with a valid license didn’t have to go through the process again. Speaking of valid licenses, some people might have different questions regarding a given bookie/casino’s legitimacy. If you are one of them, feel free to contact Bulgaria’s gambling authority and ask them further questions about the given brand. Unless the information is private, they should be able to answer most of your queries.

Of course, you can also search for additional information about the given operator online. There are many forums and other places where people share their experiences. Some of them are not worth it, but others will provide you with access to important info that is unavailable elsewhere.

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