December 10, 2023
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These Are the Problems Related to Bet365 That Users in Some Markets Have to Overcome

hese Are the Problems Related to Bet365 That Users in Some Markets Have to Overcome

People who like online casinos and bookmakers know that some of them have specific requirements that they must be aware of. Some brands are easier to use than others, especially in places like Bulgaria, but there are exceptions. The experts at Silentbet Bulgaria have a thorough Bet 365 review where you can read the ins and outs of this operator. Once ready, you can see that there is no need to do anything special to use its services because Bet365 has a permit from the local authorities.

Although this company is available in many jurisdictions, there are cases where gamblers need to do something different to use this Bet365’s services. This is one of the few iGaming sites that have some specifics. We’ve decided to share them in this article because people from Canada and other parts of the world that want to use this operator’s services may have to overcome some of these problems.

Bet365 is among the few gambling sites that operate only if it has a permit from the local authorities.

Most betting sites provide the same casino games and sports, so people often have problems differentiating between them. However, there are some differences between some brands, especially when it comes down to the licenses.

We can divide the iGaming companies into two big groups, depending on their permits. The first one includes companies that operate with a license from places like Malta, whereas the second group consists of brands that try to obtain a permit from every country’s gambling commission. 

For better or worse, Bet365 is a site that belongs to the second group. A quick look at the company’s footer will show that it has multiple permits and is regulated by some of the most popular gambling authorities. This is just one of the signs that it is legit and one of the big reasons why Bulgarians use it daily.

Even though having a permit from the local authorities is a plus, it can also be a problem because users in some countries won’t be able to access Bet365 until it obtains a license from the government. Unlike other companies, this one does not rely on a third-party commission. Hence, gamblers in some places have to wait or use VPNs to change their location to test the site’s services.

The registration process is longer than usual

If you are lucky and reside somewhere where Bet365 is available, one of the first things you need to do in order to put this operator’s services to the test is to sign up. Creating an account has a key role when it comes down to using a given gambling site, and Bet365 is not an exception.

Usually, companies let their clients sign up as fast as possible so that they can make a deposit and start betting. However, Bet365 wants to research its clients before giving them access to everything it offers, which explains why punters in Bulgaria have to complete a lot of extra steps before they can start using the website.

Unsurprisingly, gamblers in other jurisdictions will have to go over the same process if they decide to use this iGaming operator. It all starts by pressing the registration button, but once the panel shows up, you will see that people must provide loads of personal information.

Aside from the standard things, such as first/last name, contact information, username, etc., Bet365 also wants its new customers to provide information about their ID Card, Passport, or Driving license. Needless to say, users will have to enter this info to create an account, and it needs to be accurate.

In the end, new signees can also opt-in for the site’s newsletter, which will give more information about different ongoing bonuses and other perks.

Bet365 may not offer that many payment solutions compared to other online casinos

Gamblers in Bulgaria and those in other countries who want to use some of the best online casinos will come across a couple of companies that are worth it. Bet365 is undoubtedly one of them because the site will provide plenty of options. However, this doesn’t mean that it also gives people access to a lot of payment solutions.

The review for Bet365 in Bulgaria shows that this iGaming operator has a few e-wallets, credit cards, bank transfers, and a couple of other options. This might seem like a lot, but if you compare this site to other online casinos, you will see that this is not the case.

The reason why Bet365 offers fewer payment solutions and it will probably do the same in other countries is that the brand cares for its clients’ safety. Instead of offering them the chance to use all sorts of options that are not safe, it only provides secure deposit and withdrawal solutions. In other words, Bet365 cares for quality rather than quantity.

There could be even more restrictions when using the betting website, so make sure to read the complete Terms and Conditions.

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