May 19, 2024

The Future of Online Casinos in 2022 and Beyond

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Online casinos saw the light for the first time in 1994, just three years after the internet started in 1991. It means online casinos have been developing themselves for over a decade. The digital revolution and cloud-based technologies combined with artificial intelligence tools enabled a significant change in the process and operation of online gambling platforms. The industry that started with a few online games has extended to cover thousands of games nowadays; gambling table games, sports betting, slot machines, and other new games have become an essential part of online casinos.

This article will talk about the future of online gambling platforms and what could be awaiting them in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, you can take a look at MJ’s article  about 25 top Canadian online casinos to enjoy the online gambling of today’s world.

Online casinos at the moment

Nowadays, there are thousands of licensed online casinos servicing gamblers worldwide. Online gambling is pretty easy, and all you need is some cash on your card or Paypal account, with lots of luck on your side. You can replay using your gains or withdraw them via financial institutions responsible for organizing the online gambling industry’s payment system. These casinos depend on advanced computer-aided technology to manage the games for millions of international players. While some countries legalized online casinos and issued regulations to organize their work, other countries added more restrictions to ban online gambling activities. According to a study conducted by Statistia, the gambling and online casinos industry was estimated at around 265 billion US dollars in 2019. The number of licensed online casinos seems to be increasing as we move in time with the high demand of players worldwide.

Artificial intelligence has been a primary player in the online gambling industry. Gambling software is becoming more intelligent than before, with many new algorithms applied to organize a fair play for everyone and guarantee random shuffling and results in various games. In the beginning, people didn’t trust computers and thought AI was cheating them to make them lose their money, but later, there was a change in minds, and gamblers started trusting the computer-aided systems online casinos use.

The role of Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a new technology that provides the ability to keep track of transactions, and it is the backbone of cryptocurrencies and their online transaction peer-to-peer system. Recently this new technology started affecting many industries, and online gambling was one of them. New online casinos started under the concept of crypto gambling. You can use cryptocurrencies instead of real money, and you have to use digital wallets instead of your bank accounts. These websites are becoming more popular due to the high level of security and efficiency in financial transactions. However, the market size for standard online casinos is still bigger than bitcoin casinos and cryptocurrency gambling because people are still new to the concept of crypto, and need some time to digest this new approach and accept it.

The new era of virtual reality

Everyone is talking about virtual reality and how it will affect our daily lives. However, there have been some implementations of VR in different industries. Still, since Facebook announced its plans to build a whole new VR approach to simulate the real world digitally, companies started racing towards creating a  digital existence. Some people predict that VR casinos will be the new form of casinos where you can join your friends and spend some quality time gambling and betting in the VR world. Others consider this a hybrid model that will eliminate the privacy and convenience online casinos were meant to achieve. Anyway, maybe people will have the ability to choose whether they will spend their time in an online casino behind the screen or VR casinos with their VR glasses and perhaps even VR gloves to get a  similar feeling to real casinos.


The world will keep evolving towards a better future, and with the help of technology, new concepts will replace older ones. No one can predict the future of online gambling, especially with the latest virtual reality movement that is rapidly expanding. However, we can enjoy today’s online gambling, and this is why we got you this list of 25 top Canadian online casinos.

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