October 1, 2023
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The 5 Virtues of a Long-Distance Relationship

The 5 Virtues of a Long-Distance Relationship

The passage of time makes the heart get better with time. Many people find themselves in what is commonly referred to as a long-distance relationship. It will not be easy at first; you will have to get used to not seeing each other every day, but if your relationship is strong, stable, and healthy, the distance will fade away.

Your relationship’s success is determined by how you manage it. To make your long-distance relationship work, you must cultivate the following qualities.


This has to do with commitment. Are you willing to put your long-distance relationship through its paces in good and bad times? Commitment gives you and your partner security and a sense of responsibility.


Patience is a virtue that extends far beyond a romantic relationship. Train yourself to be a patient person naturally. It has also taught me to be more patient in my daily life and the personal goals I set for myself. If being in the same city and building a future with my partner is one of my life goals, but I need to wait for the right time for that to happen, I can be patient with other goals I have, such as buying my own home or reaching a certain point in my career. I know these are things I want to do in the future, but I can work toward them all calmly and sensibly.

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There is no need to rush if you can enjoy your current state. Being apart from your partner but always believing and knowing you are working towards togetherness and a better future allows your patience to flourish.


In relationships, trust is an essential virtue. A relationship cannot function without trust. First, make sure you can trust each other. Trust is a virtue that must develop over time. Honesty and integrity are the first steps in establishing trust.


Communication via WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, or other means can be good or bad in a long-distance relationship. Yes, it is excellent that you can contact your partner any day or night, but communication can also be disappointing quickly. When you have not seen someone in a while, written messages can be unsatisfying, and it is much easier to misinterpret what the other person is saying. There is also an inherent pressure to respond and expect a response more quickly, which is not always possible.


When you cannot be with your partner, you adapt by anticipating the next time you will see them, whether in a week or a month. Indeed, this continuous future sensation makes it hard to feel connected to your present.

When you are together once more, whether for a weekend or a few months, all you have to do is enjoy every moment—being mindful when you together entail training your mind not to dwell on a future uncertainty or a past disagreement, but instead to focus on the time you have together—knowing how valuable it is causes you never to want to miss a moment.

Instead of constantly worrying about things over which you have no control, enjoy the present moment and whatever you are supposed to be doing, whether it is working, writing, meeting a friend or cleaning my house.

Being happy and present even when separated is difficult in a long-distance relationship. If you can master being mindful, it will boost your self-esteem tremendously to know that you have your interests and passions and can be alone without feeling lonely. These virtues you develop due to having to love and be loved from afar permeate all areas of life.

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