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Tabea Pfendsack: 5 Quick Facts About The Wife Of Joe Thornton!

Tabea Pfendsack

A Swiss businesswoman and writer of the famous children’s book, The Very Hairy But Not So Scary Mouse, Ms. Tabea Pfendsack seems to have a great professional career. But many people know her as the wife of a Canadian-American ice hockey player, Joe Thornton. Tabea Pfendsack somewhat opened Switzerland’s eyes to ice hockey and Canada’s eyes to Swiss life through her marriage. Let’s take a look at some quick things about Tabea Pfendsack’s life. 

Tabea Pfendsack: Who Is The Woman Married To Joe Thornton?

1. Tabea Pfendsack’s married life with Joe Thornton: 

Tabea Pfendsack and Joe Thornton were married in Switzerland in 2009 . Her wedding was a private one where her close friends and family were only invited to the wedding. They first met when Joe played in the 2004-2005 NHL lockout in Switzerland. They later grew closer when Joe and his teammates visited the Tabea-run bar. In 2021, their married life is going pretty well as they are living as parents. 

2. Blessed with two children: 

Tabea and Joe are blessed with two children, a daughter who is the eldest and a son that followed. Their daughter, Alya Thornton was born on July 14, 2010, while their son River Thornton was born on June 6, 2013. The whole family can often be seen at some family events that they seem pretty happy to attend.

3. Tabea Pfendsack’s husband’s fortune: 

Tabea Pfendsacks’ husband, Joe Thornton, has an estimated net worth of approximately $60 million. He earned this impressive sum through his career as an ice hockey player. In 2015, he earned around $6.75 million as his salary. To date, he has raised more than $108 million as career income.

He also signed a 1 year contract for $ 2 million with the San Jose Sharks, including a $ 2 million guarantee and an average annual salary of $ 2 million. In 2019-2020 Thornton would earn a base salary of $ 2 million while wearing a $ 2 million cap. He also earns additional money from various advertising contracts.

4. Who is Tabea Pfendsack’s husband?

Joe Thornton, the husband of Tabea Pfendsacks, is a Canadian-American ice hockey player. He currently serves as the center and assistant captain for the San Jose Sharks. The Canadian star was first drafted in 1997 by the Boston Bruins in the NHL Entry Draft. He also managed to play a lot for the Canadian national team. Joe’s first international appearance took place when he was appointed to the Canadian U20 national team for the 1997 Junior World Cup in Switzerland. At the 2001 World Championships in Germany, Joe collected one goal and one assist in six games. He has played with his famous teammates such as Tomas Hertl, Brent Burns and Logan Couture, and so on.

He is famous for being one of the greatest passers-by of all time and one of only 13 players in history with 1,000 NHL assists. His notable achievements in his playing career include a gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics, a silver medal in the 2005 men’s ice hockey championships, a gold medal in the 2004 ice hockey world championship, and a gold medal in the 2016 hockey world championship.

5. Professional career:

Tabea Pfendsack is a professional and a writer. With her box of colored pencils she wants to make her way into the hearts of young readers. In addition, she teamed up with writer Tim Fennema to publish their illustrated children’s book, The Very Hairy But Not Scary Mouse. The beginnings of a planned series of their books are designed to help children understand, rather than fear the animals some people fear.

We hope these 5 things about Tabea Pfendsack have improved your knowledge about the famous wife of a Canadian-American ice hockey player, Joe Thornton. 

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