March 2, 2024
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Notable Differences Between Betway’s Site in Bulgaria and Canada

Notable Differences Between Betway’s Site in Bulgaria and Canada

Some of the world’s leading gambling sites do all sorts of things to become more popular in certain countries. This often involves things such as advertising their services or offering an affiliate section. Speaking of leaders, Betway is one of the few companies that you can find in several places. For example, Efirbet allows you to learn everything about Bet way Bulgaria and start betting as soon as you sign up. 

The fact that this operator is accessible in several countries doesn’t mean it offers the same services. On the contrary, people can expect to encounter several notable differences, especially in countries like Canada. 

While we are on the topic of differences, this article will try to show you some of the things you must be aware of before using this bookie’s site in both countries.

The Bulgarian version of Betway does not have a blog

There are a couple of reasons why Betway is one of the industry’s leaders, and one of them is the numerous betting sections. People in most countries who have access to the operator’s site can wager on sports. Furthermore, they can play casino games and access sections like vegas and eSports.

With that being said, the operator offers different services in some countries. For example, Betway offers a blog, but this is an option that is not accessible in Bulgaria. 

Although there are people who won’t read the blog anyway, others use it as a source of information. The online betting operator provides different kinds of important details regarding the site and other kinds of things.

Slight design changes

Many online bookmakers and casinos don’t realize that having a better-looking platform attracts more customers. Fortunately, those who want to learn more about Betway Bulgaria after visiting Efirbet will see this brand invested in a minimalistic design and an easy-to-use interface.

Speaking of those things, the site for Canada and Bulgaria have some differences that have to be addressed. While the company uses the same colors, there are numerous changes in the layout. For example, Betway’s logo in Bulgaria is larger, and the site does not offer a shortcut to some of the popular sports or things like In-Play, Cash Out, and Bet Slip.

Another thing that is different is the list of sponsored teams. A quick look at Betway’s version in Bulgaria shows that the bookie helps numerous teams. However, once you check the other version, you will only find Ninjas in Pyjamas, West Ham, and Tottenham Hotspur.

If you take a look at both sites’ footers, you will also find differences in the listed payment options. Moreover, the Bulgarian version of Betway does not include any shortcuts to the mobile app for iOS and Android.

A full list of the payment options and their limits

Having the chance to use a website that looks good is a plus, but experienced online bettors know that they need to see more. Naturally, one of the things that everyone is interested in is the online payment options and their limits. 

Unlike many bookmakers and casinos focused on the Bulgarian market, Betway gives its customers the chance to read more about the different options and their limits as soon as they open the site. They can do that without the need to create an account, which is very convenient. Speaking of payment methods, there are things like e-wallets and debit/credit cards.

Unfortunately, this option is unavailable to most punters who use Betway’s site in other countries. The bookie demands its new users to sign up if they want to reveal every deposit and withdrawal alternative. With that being said, Betway’s footer reveals some of the things that bettors can expect. This includes a variety of digital wallets.

New bonuses

The promo section is one of the departments where you will always find changes while reviewing a given operator’s sites in different countries. In order to appeal to local iGaming fans, Betway had to add new bonuses and change its existing ones. This explains why the Betway review from Efirbet shows that the operator provides a welcome promotion that grants extra funds, as well as a couple of additional perks.

Even though some of the propositions might be the same, there are cases where there might be many differences. For example, this company often provides free cash prizes, loads of free spins, and short-term eSports offers. None of them are accessible in Bulgaria yet, but this will probably change in the future.

Those interested in learning more about Betway’s offers will have to create an account to reveal all of the options. 

Fast access to the live chat

The last thing that many of you will notice if you open Betway’s versions for different countries is the contact options and how you use them. Usually, the operator requires people to sign up and go to the Help section. However, iGaming fans in Bulgaria are privileged because they can access the live chat with a press of a button.

Despite the fact that it may take a couple of minutes (or more) to get an answer, having access to this option faster than usual is a plus.

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