August 12, 2022
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Most Popular Sports in Canada

Most Popular Sports in Canada

The advent of sports as leisure has been away for a long time in history. It allowed players to become rich and famous, stand for social issues, make an impact by gaining a huge fan following and so much more. Canada is also a county with enthusiasts in a lot of sports, competitions, events, and tournaments. Today, we are going to talk about something you may not have heard about, called Curling.

Then we shall dig into the most-watched sports in Canada, Ice Hockey or Hockey. Though there are several sports like Lacrosse, Rugby, and Baseball, based on NHL or National Hockey League, viewership, and other factors, we shall see how Ice Hockey or Hockey is the most popular sport in the ice nation.

This is a very popular sport in the nation of 38 million citizens. The idea behind the sport, its most popular association the Curling Canada, and also the Canadian Ladies Curling Association have brought it to great heights since the 1990s. We shall see in this brief article, how it came to be and what curling is all about? On the other hand, NHL and Ice Hockey date back to 1862 when it was first played as per records and is widely considered Canada’s national pastime. So, we shall go toe-in-toe with both these sports and give a great glimpse at their rich culture. Also, how the advent of sportsbooks has gained traction in this too.

Over 1.3 million Canadians actively participate in or play sports and recreational games like ice hockey, curling, rugby, and even golf are favorite pastimes of the citizens. About one-third of the population is actively thrilled by some sort of professional sport, and invents money, time, and more. The culturally ingrained sport makes a deep impression on viewers. The favorite sporting activity means a great way for North Americans to make their way. And, compete with the rest of the world. International tournaments are major feats today because they attract a lot of investors from big sponsors to small sportsbooks and individuals who bet on matches in casinos. You can find casino rewards bonus on your favorite sports today from many online casinos in Canada.

Curling in Canada

Considering the history of the nation that has ice around the year, one can make a guess. But historical records tell a story of Scottish men and newcomers who had some experience in this as a pastime. Some wanted to lift up and alleviate their winters, really long winters. And, a sporting activity would be the best to have. This game is about curling. It is also known as chess on ice. Slowly growth and development began taking this from outdoor ice to ice rinks, from natural to artificial ice, and events between adjacent neighborhoods, to towns, and then cities.

Ice Hockey

Canada’s climate is the best for it to play ice hockey. There are seven NHL teams in Canada, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton; this makes it watched by most Canadians. In 2019, the NHL playoffs were watched by 68% of Canadians. This gives us the clue to understanding why this is their most popular sport.

The game of ice hockey has its roots back to various forms of stick and ball played in the United Kingdom, and North America. Today, two major governing bodies regulate the Men’s national team and Women’s national team in the nation. Some of their national championship trophies include Allan Cup, Memorial Cup, and Canada Games.  There are also club championships and international championships that occur annually and millions of dollars go into them from sponsors to betting. The National Hockey League, American Hockey League, and Canadian Women’s Hockey League are some of these. The World Cup of Hockey and ice hockey championships are also famous international trophies. The IIHF or International Ice Hockey Federation began operations in the 1880s as the famous Stanley Cup began in Montreal. In 1993, the Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley in Preston. Before its establishment in Canada, Europeans had records of playing hockey on the ice and the indigenous people of Maritimes called it a game of stick and ball.

Most notably, the biggest event came as a contemporary version of ice hockey in Montreal when the first indoor ice hockey was played in 1875. It was played in Victoria Skating Rink and organized by McGill University’s student from Nova Scotia named Creighton.

Ice Hockey: A National Identity

Canada’s national identity status made this game even more famous; Curling has its history with participation from hundreds of thousands annually, but ice hockey is one of the most played sports in the country, even unprofessionally. It was only second to golf in 2013 when 1.3 million players played it. In 2010, 22% of households had children who played ice hockey professionally and 25% of households had children playing soccer. Another factor in the early decrease in the adoption of the game is the higher cost of equipment compared to soccer. Because the average cost in 2013 for ice hockey coaching was CAD710 while that of soccer was just CAD160. But, it has a major component in its culture making it a national identity.

In fact, in 1964 after thorough research, it was found that Lacrosse was never enacted or declared a national game in Canada. And, in 1964 Roxburg the president of the Canadian Amateurs Hockey Association moved to pass bill C-132 to declare hockey as its national game. This was known as the great Canadian flag debate.


While many games and sports became popular in Canada over the decades, only a few are quite household names. From kids to adults, most people recognize ice hockey as a favorite sport. It is because of the two hundred years of cultural existence. While fans may debate about which is the national game, the most-watched game is Ice Hockey. After all, the climate and terrain make it most suitable to play round the year even outdoors. When 1.3 million players engage in a sport, it has to be the identity of a nation.

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