March 30, 2023
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Know What Goes Into Moving a Piano From One Home to Another

Know What Goes Into Moving a Piano From One Home to Another

If you are a music lover, the chances are there will be a piano at home. During moving an apartment or house, you will want to take it along to your new address. While you may not worry about the transportation of other items as much, your emotional bond with this musical instrument can get the better of you. Despite the excitement of living in a different neighbourhood, your full attention will be on the safe transfer of your piano. While this is understandable, here are a few insights to help you with its packing and moving.

Piano styles

Grand and upright are the two common piano styles. As evident, upright models are vertical and tall that feature vertical strings. Conversely, baby grand or grand versions are horizontal, and wires follow the same pattern. Overall, piano weight varies based on brand and style. Still, an upright piano can weigh about 490-600 pounds and a grand piano 540-1,399 pounds. You may need two to three people and proper equipment to move it safely. If it’s a long distance or there are plenty of hurdles in the new space, you may have to seek help from more people. This 88-key instrument contains thousands of moving parts, making it more complicated and delicate. Hiring professional movers in Vaughan can be the best idea if you want to move it unharmed. Else, you will have to do some severe elbow greasing.

Supplies required for moving a piano

Dollies, strapping, skid board, shoulder harnesses, and movers blankets are some packing and moving essentials. Blankets protect your piano’s polish from tape, straps, and other potential harms during transport. Four-wheel dollies with rubber help you move your instrument on the floor without damaging the surface. Strapping will ensure that the piano remains firmly attached to the skid board or dolly during the movement. 

Something can still go wrong if you ignore the loading and unloading process. For example, when loading an upright piano, one must guard it against all corners while keeping it on the dolly. Once it has settled down on the skid board, loading the instrument on the truck will be easy. A grand piano will be a little demanding as you must remove its pedals and legs, and the top lid also needs careful handling. The blankets should wrap around the keys, cover, and sides nicely. Some parts would require disassembling and later assembling for safer transfer and use.  

It’s a lot of work, as you may already sense it. You may be an enthusiastic DIYer, but certain things need professional handling for their security and your mental peace. You can oversee the process to ensure they handle it properly. However, when you hire a professional company, you don’t have to worry about anything. They will take charge and meet your expectations. If you have only this item to move and wonder whether a moving company will help, you can relax. Some companies offer special piano moving services; after all, only someone skilled and knowledgeable can manage this heavy and complicated item. 

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