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Jaden Newman- Early Life, Professional Life, Fun Facts

Jaden Newman is a teen basketball star with a sizable social media following. Her achievements alongside her high school basketball team, but she has become the youngest girl player to exceed 1000 points, drew the attention of something like the basketball world. Jaden’s younger brother is also a basketball phenom, as well as the two have their reality television show, The Newmans. 

She is a basketball player and a TV personality, born on June 13, 2004, making her 17 years old. She is from the Florida city of Orlando. She is well-known for her skills and methods, and many predict that she will one day be a fantastic basketball player. Now at the varsity prep level, Newman has accumulated 1,000 points. She has been the first female of her age to accomplish this feat.

Her ethnicity is diverse and her nationality is American. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Julian, her younger brother, is a high-profile basketball player. She rose to fame ever since a video of her playing basketball representing Downey Christian School got viral on the internet. The majority of her relatives participate in the sport, either as coaches or players. Her father, also who coaches the varsity team at Downey Christian, urged her to participate in the sport. 

Family of Jaden Newman

Jaden Newman is still very much in her adolescent years and is unmarried. Jamie, her father, was a point guard at Colonial High School in Orlando when he was younger. He had become a teacher and the head basketball coach at Downey Christian School, wherein Jaden is a student. From an early age, Jamie Newman had coached both of his children in basketball.

Vivian, Jaden’s mother, also used to play point guard at University High School in Orlando. She served in the navy for about four years after graduation before joining the US Postal Service. And with both parents having played basketball, it is hardly surprising that their children have shown an interest in the sport. Julian, Jaden’s younger brother, also has been dubbed a kid basketball talent. Julian, born on September 6 of 2001, is just about three years Jaden’s senior. Julian, like his sister, was a basketball player for Downey Christian School, wherein YouTube videos drew notice to his abilities. When he initially started to play Varsity basketball at the age of 11, he was just like Jaden.

A further thing the two siblings have had in common is that they are both of petite stature when it comes to basketball players. Julian is 5 feet 7 inches tall, whereas Jaden is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. A few analysts believe the siblings’ size would stifle their development as professional basketball players. It is also, however, just about as likely to encourage them to seek their aspirations of playing at the greatest level of the game all the more.

Julian started playing for Prodigy Prep, a school founded by his father, who also teaches the basketball team, during his final year. Julian will determine whether or not to attend college after graduation or hunt for a professional job right out of high school. 

Jaden Newman’s romances, affairs, and boyfriends

Despite having several boys as pals, the basketball player looks pretty attractive and charming, but she has never revealed the name of her lover or partner. She may be keeping it private, but Jaden has always preferred to concentrate on her work, and there has been no more information regarding her current relationship status.

Professional Career of Jaden Newman

Jaden Newman is still very much in high school and will graduate this year, 2022 from Downey Christian. As a result, her basketball career has now been limited to amateur status. She increased her points each game average during the next 2 seasons, averaging 30 points each game, after making her varsity debut as a nine-year-old. Jaden improved, even more, the next season, scoring an average of 46 points each time she was on the court. 

The youthful starlet, who was just 11 years old at the time of the game, only required 7 points to win but concluded the night with a total of 47 points. This came after she scored 57 points on her school’s home court the night before. Newman had exceeded 2,000 scores by the sixth grade.

Her ever-increasing point totals were putting her on the verge of setting a new national record. Jaden Newman scored 70 points in a spectacular performance at the age of 13, leading her squad to a 115-31 win. Jaden hit 17 three-pointers in this game, tying the national record, demonstrating the excellent young player’s shooting percentage. 

Once Jaden Newman graduates from high school in 2022, she is sure to receive a slew of job offers. Her heart, though, is claimed to be set on playing for the University of Connecticut Huskies, as several of her idols previously played for the Huskies. Jaden Newman aspires to be the first female to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Jaden Newman’s Net Worth and Earnings

Jaden Newman’s net worth is believed to be $200,000. Jaden is now a basketball player for Downey Christian. She is an amateur athlete who does not make any money from her participation in the sport. Jaden, on the other hand, has become quite marketable as a result of the attention she has received through her internet videos plus her status as a child prodigy, which has led to changes outside of the court.

The reality show in which Jaden with her family appear is streamed online and often draws millions of viewers. Her personal social media engagement is also impressive, with over one million Instagram followers and nearly 5,000 Twitter followers. All of Jaden Newman’s online activity does have the capacity to yield her money, whether it be through direct payments on TV appearances or via online sponsorships.

Jaden Newman has been in front of the camera since he was a child. In fourth grade, she earned national notoriety by competing for her Varsity high school team, which led to an appearance on Queen Latifah’s show. The next year, Jaden participated in a three-point challenge with Golden State Warriors NBA player Stephen ‘Steph’ Curry in a Foot Locker or Under Armour promotion.

In 2019, Jaden Newman returned to music with the release of ‘I Run It,’ a track starring Shiggy, Chandler Broom, & Julian Newman, and an official video on the Overtime Channel on YouTube.

The following are five things you should know about Jaden Newman

  1. She has also starred in Hello Newmans, a family reality show mostly broadcast on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, & Facebook. Julian, his sister Jaden, his father Jamie, and his mother Vivian were all featured prominently in the episode.
  1. She has never been involved in controversy before.
  1. Jaden’s Instagram feed is filled with photographs of her in exotic locations and wearing stylish outfits. 
  1. She is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.
  1. Jaden is a naturally joyful person.

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