March 2, 2024
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Four Reasons Why the Betting Operator Betano Might Sponsor Different Teams in Bulgaria and Canada

Four Reasons Why the Betting Operator Betano Might Sponsor Different Teams in Bulgaria and Canada

The fact that gambling companies need to think outside the box to become successful shouldn’t come as a surprise. One of the brands that are forced to be different if it wants to gain new users in Bulgaria is Betano. Some of you may not know, but Nostrabet revealed that the bookmaker Betano became a sponsor of a Bulgarian team, and it also offers local iGaming fans some of the most sought-after betting products. That’s because Betano has to compete for every new client with loads of other betting companies.

Due to the fact that this is an international iGaming operator, it shouldn’t be surprising Betano is available in several other countries. Even though it operates mainly in Europe, there is a good chance that the bookie will want to expand its services elsewhere, such as Canada. Although we can’t be sure what will Betano’s marketing campaign focus on, there is a chance it will try to sponsor some of the local top-tier sports teams.

There are many reasons why world-class betting companies decide to follow this path, so let’s check them out.

1. By helping local sports teams, Betano will appeal more to punters in Bulgaria and Canda

Sports play a vital role in many countries, and the two options mentioned above are not an exception. Some players love their favorite teams/players so much that they are ready to do almost everything to support them. This is good news for companies like Betano because they can advertise their services and gain tons of new clients simply because they’ve decided to help a given team.

There are different kinds of sponsorship deals, but the most beneficial ones are those where the bookie appears on the players’ jerseys. With that being said, some companies prefer to fund a specific event or even create a tournament with its name. There are also cases where gambling brands even add their names next to the club’s initials.

2. Sponsoring different clubs will help Betano create new bonuses

As mentioned above, helping some of the most popular teams in Bulgaria and Canada will definitely make Betano more popular among casual online bettors. However, this will also help the operator provide its clients with new bonuses that are only available if they decide to wager on this specific team. 

An overview of the Betano review from Nostrabet shows that the company offers Bulgarian users plenty of fantastic promotions. All of them are special and play a key role in the operator’s popularity, especially when it comes down to wagering on sports. 

With that being said, other online bookies may try to copy Betano’s offers in the future. This will have a negative impact on the operator because it won’t provide exclusive promotions anymore. However, thanks to the sponsorship deals, Betano can be innovative and come up with exclusive rewards that others can’t offer because they do not have a contract with the given club.

There are many examples of how Canadian and Bulgarian users can benefit from these things. For example, Betano could create a cashback offer or odds boost for those who wager a specific amount of money on the teams sponsored by the bookie.

3. Permanent better odds for the sponsored teams

If there is something that online bettors like more than bonuses, it has to be high odds. Having access to higher odds is always a plus because you will be able to win more money, assuming you predict your bets successfully. This is easier said than done, which is why people have to bet responsibly.

With that being said, every bookmaker has a group of people whose job is to determine the odds they offer. Betano is not an exception because this world-famous iGaming operator gives bettors in Bulgaria the chance to stake on all sorts of sports. Most of them have good odds, but the bookie will probably provide even better options to those who wager on the sponsored teams.

Although the boosted odds may come in the form of a bonus, there is always the possibility for a permanent offer. In other words, sports bettors will always have access to better odds if they stake on these clubs.

4. There is a possibility to use new features

The last reason why some of the top-tier gambling sites like Betano may want to sponsor teams in different countries is because of the new features. The Betano Bulgaria review from Nostrabet shows that this bookie is on another level in terms of features. Aside from the standard options, this operator also has MatchCombo, Coupons, Special bets, Missions, Request a bet, and even more unique alternatives.

Even though there is a chance for the bookie will provide the same things for Canadian bettors, there might be exceptions. Due to legal reasons, international iGaming operators rarely have the opportunity to offer the same services in every country. However, thanks to the sponsorship deals, Betano will have the opportunity to provide something different.

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