March 2, 2024

Five Things Available at Mr Bit That Will Be Accessible to People From Different Markets

Five Things Available at Mr Bit That Will Be Accessible to People From Different Markets

Some of the top online casinos and bookmakers know that becoming popular in new jurisdictions allows them to gain loads of new customers. Unsurprisingly, some brands invest more than others, which explains why they achieve better results. 

Following our overview of Mr Bit Bulgaria, it is clear that this brand does not spare funds when it comes down to gaining new clients. A quick comparison between this operator and some of the other big names in iGaming shows that Mr Bit offers way more options and always improves it services.

A brand of this caliber will do everything possible to become available in other countries, such as Canada and other parts of the world. With that being said, we expect that the company will offer many of the things it has to users in other parts of the world, so let’s go over some of them.

1. The company’s loyalty program

Mr Bit is one of the many gambling companies that want to provide its customers with a wide range of bonuses. Like many other world-class brands, this iGaming operator lets users in Bulgaria and other countries avail themselves of several intriguing promotions. One of them is the site’s loyalty club.

Nowadays, most top-rated casinos and bookmakers have a Loyalty Program because this thing motivates people to bet more. Mr Bit’s VIP club lets users access 23 VIP levels, each with unique rewards that are not available elsewhere. 

Those who want to join this VIP program need to play as much as possible and gain more points. For now, every 20 EUR wagered will give one point. Of course, this amount will be adjusted, depending on the region, so people might need to spend something like 20 C$ for one point.

2. Mr Bit organizes different events

In addition to the VIP program, Bulgarians who use Mr Bit can also find a wide range of tournaments that allow them to play against other gamblers in real-time. Unsurprisingly, those things will probably become available to other regions once Mr Bit starts operating there.

Although some gambling companies only organize sports events, Mr Bit focuses more on casino tournaments. Hence, it is known for its slots competitions that allow people to win real money and free spins simply by playing.

Every slot tournament has some specifics, such as minimum bet requirement, how much money you can win, the event’s duration, and so on. In most cases, people who wager more money and play regularly have more chances of winning.

3. Mr Bit’s sportsbook has something called System Calculator

Although most sports betting platforms look the same, some companies are more special because they provide additional options. Mr Bit is famous for having one of the best casinos, but the gambling operator is also home to one of the most interesting sports betting categories in the world.

People who decide to bet on sports events here will come across a lot of options, features, and good odds. With that being said, there is an option that is usually not available elsewhere, and it is called System Calculator. Many punters do not place system bets in Bulgaria because they don’t know how to calculate their potential winnings. Therefore, Mr Bit decided to add this feature and help everyone. 

We expect this option to become available in other jurisdictions because it is really good. If you decide to use it, you must choose your system, followed by the bet amount and the odds. Once ready, select “Calculate”, and Mr Bit will show your potential winnings.

Interestingly, iGaming fans in Bulgaria also have access to a standard calculator that they can use.

4. Different filters for choosing your preferred casino games

Bulgaria is one of the places in Europe where gamblers can access loads of different websites. Needless to say, most of them offer many games, so Mr Bit had to come up with something special if it wanted to stand out. So, in addition to the thousands of games, the company also offers multiple options to filter them and find what people are interested in.

These options are so popular that we expect to see them in many other countries, including places like Canada. If you have access to them, you will notice that the games can be divided based on their payout, features, volatility, categories, and providers. What’s even more impressive is that Mr Bit will provide you with more information about some of the options. For example, inexperienced bettors can learn more about volatility.

5. There is a welcome bonus for new users

If you notice that Mr Bit is available in your country, make sure to check its promo section because this operator allows its clients in Bulgaria to access an exciting welcome bonus. New users who decide to sign up and put the brand to the test can find a 100% deposit bonus of up to 500 EUR, as well as 50 free spins. 

This proposal; will be available for 30 days after signing up, so new clients have plenty of time to decide whether it is the best option for them. We expect many of the rules to apply to clients from other countries. However, Mr Bit might choose to change the minimum requirements, as well as the maximum bonus. That’s why you need to read the promo’s T&C.

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