September 24, 2022

Everything About Shannon Sharpe’s Wife – Katy Kellner

The fiancée of famous American football star Shannon Sharpe, Katy Kellner, is a gym trainer. The top celebrities who visit her gym home include a long list. She was a teacher back then as well, something she did for quite a while before choosing to become a full-time fitness instructor. We do not need to discuss Shannon’s life, but rather that of his former fiancée, Katy. Initially inseparable, the pair ultimately chose to split up since they had different perspectives on life. 

Sharpe’s fame was affected by the abrupt breakup, while Kellner undoubtedly benefitted from Sharpe’s brief success and love life. Without further ado, let’s learn more about Katy Kellner.


Despite her reputation, Katy Kellner is like a phantom among humans. This is why, we are unable to provide you with information on her birthdate, parents, potential siblings, or early years. Despite this, it is clear about her being an American. In reality, the specifics of her schooling confirm her nationality. She went to Elmhurst College to earn an arts degree. She also applied to Troy University, where the well-known Caucasian would earn a Master’s in Instructional Technology. She then pursued a profession as a teacher in the neighborhood.

Physical Appearance

Born in 1981, Katy Kellner is now 41 years old. Because of her healthy lifestyle and the fitness trainer looks as young as 25 and has a sound physique. Additionally, based on the photographs shot with Shannon, Kellner appeared to be a great fit for her husky fiancé. This demonstrates why Sharper was drawn to the attractive fitness expert. Most notably, Katy’s square face, mesomorphic physique, and brunette-ginger hair make her stand out.

Interests & Hobbies

Following what transpired in Shannon, Katy has become very private about her personal life. She even closed her Instagram account, so that others could only view her postings if she accepted them as followers.

She currently works out three to four times a week, spending most of her free time at the gym. She also plays tennis and soccer in addition to a rigorous diet. Katy enjoys traveling and has visited various USA places for business and pleasure. She has also had the chance to take trips to Europe, Greece, and Spain. Katy enjoys watching movies late at night, and her favorite actors and actresses include Mahershala Ali and Linda Cardellini. 

Professional Life

The American began working as a teacher at Fulton District Public School right away. What’s more amazing about all this is that Katy was just a regular lady who loved her job as an educator before getting engaged to Shannon. She would provide for her family and live off her teacher’s pay at the same time. Even though there is nothing improper with the profession, the public was somewhat shocked to learn how Kellner & Sharpe might have met without any links to their respective lines of work. 

She simultaneously entered the bodybuilding industry and adopted it as her way of life.

The long-term benefits of her profession as a fitness guru were also evident. In other terms, Kellner has experience working for Flywheel Sports as a regional administrator and a part-time teacher. 

She still has a role to play, too. She had worked as little more than a Master Instructor at a cycling bar. She has indeed been employed at the California Thousand Oaks Gym.

Personal Life

Katy Kellner first gained national attention when Shannon Sharpe, a well-known NBA tight end for the Denver Broncos, proposed to her. One of the finest rookies of all time is Shannon. He has also worked as a sports analyst for CBS in the past. Not to mention that Sharpe and Skip Bayless have co-hosted Skip & Shannon: Undisputed on Fox Sports 1 since 2016. The gym is where Shannon & Katty first met. The two fell in love right away, as it does in every loving tale. After a few outings, the two got engaged in 2016. After then, no matter the occasion—parties, events, or other get-togethers—the pair would always travel together.

But not all love tales have happy endings; some come to a swift conclusion, while others end tragically. Sharpe cut off all links to Katy after learning the awful truth that she was carrying someone else’s child. In parallel, Kellner identified the father for a new Instagram post, and it turned out to be none other than Marlon Byrd, the founder & owner of Thousand Oaks.

At first, everyone assumed Shannon was the father. But everyone was surprised by the image that Katy posted. On December 7, 2018, Maron and Katy gave birth to a baby boy Jaden Charles Byrd. Sadly, after some time, the couple split up. Right now, Katy and her new boyfriend Luis Castillo are happily engaged. On Jan 10, 2021, Kellner posted a photo of herself and Luis wearing her engagement ring to her Instagram account.

Katy is presently enjoying a great lifestyle with her son and partner despite several controversies and previous relationships. Jaden is also loved by Luis, and they have an excellent connection.

Social Media Presence

On Instagram, Katy Kellner is highly active. She frequently publishes training routines and fitness advice. 

Katy’s Net Worth

We have learned from trustworthy sources that Katy has amassed a startling net worth of over $1 million during the last ten years. Being a health advisor is similar and amassing such a sum is commendable. She has around $46k as a median annual salary, with the best being $75k. Kellner obtained much better pay after switching to her bodybuilding industry.

Facts About Katy

  • She graduated from Elmhurst College with an arts degree, and as evidence, the educator also works as a fitness teacher. 
  • Reliable sources have informed us that Katy has amassed a stunning total value of $1 million over the past ten years.
  • Shannon and Katty initially connected at the gym. Every love tale begins with immediate chemistry between the two.
  • On January 7, 2021, Katy Kellner and her boyfriend Luis Castillo got engaged.

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