March 30, 2023

Best Casino Bonuses in Canada

Best Casino Bonuses in Canada

The idea of getting comfort and accessibility through advancement in technology is consistently being stretched to the extremes. Gone are the days when you’d have to take a ride to the casinos before you could enjoy some gaming experience. 

Developed countries like Canada have also had their fair share of advancement in the gaming sector. Nobody needs to visit physical casinos to get on some games to win real money. You can now do everything online from the comfort of your home, and you don’t need any high-tech hardware because your smartphone will do just fine.

Many players now have casinos at their fingertips. More online casinos are currently giving gaming incentives to stay in business and boost players’ morale. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, online casinos in Canada now offer great bonuses that suit your gaming needs.

This article will have a quick rundown of some of the best casino bonuses available in Canada. If you’ve been looking for where to get cut deals with amazing gaming experiences, continue reading, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also added some tips which can help you choose a good online casino in Canada to enjoy an amazing gaming experience.

Best Online Casino Bonuses in Canada

Typically, a good online casino would provide one or two bonuses. While in some cases, customer-centric ones will offer different bonuses depending on your level of use of the platform.

  • Free Spins for New Users

Some online casinos in Canada offer free spins upon registration and identity confirmation. These free spins are often tied with specific slots and come with a couple of T&Cs you need to check out before using to get the best gaming experience.

Even though the number of free spins is usually low, it’s a great way to test a casino’s gaming mechanism regardless. 

  • Free Spins on Deposit

Some casinos in Canada will offer free spins after deposit too. You can also get free spins even if you’re an existing user. The number of free spins usually depends on the amount deposited. The T&C will often include a maximum deposit eligible to calculate free spins.

Most casinos will also give free spins to existing users who haven’t used the platform for a while to encourage their patronage.

  • No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are free offers given to new users of an online casino upon registration. It’s an incentive to test the casino’s gaming mechanism without necessarily putting much into it. Bonus can vary between any amounts from $5 to $50. 

Like free spins for new users, it is given when the platform can confirm your identity. Always watch out for the sizes of a no deposit bonus, as it plays a huge role in determining the T&C for use and withdrawal.

  • Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are like free spins on deposit bonuses; they give users an incentive to credit the gaming account. You’re usually required to deposit to activate a percentage increment in the amount credited.

Bonus can range from 50% to 300%, depending on the casino platform. It is often credited separately as a non-cashable bonus. It’s a great opportunity for new and existing users to improve their bankroll without committing too much to the casino.

  • Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses come in the form of rewards to existing players. Most casinos in Canada that offer this bonus model often allocate a section where loyalty points can be accumulated. When accumulated points reach a threshold, users can then exchange these points for free spins or deposit bonuses depending on the T&C of use by the casino.

How to Choose a Good Online Casino in Canada

There are many online casinos in Canada. You see a lot of promotions popping up these days on different online sportsbooks, but it’s hard to tell the ones that give a player the best value. Here are some things an online casino needs to have before it can be seen as one up to par with industry-leading platforms;

  • Multiple Payment Systems

Payment options should be convenient as possible to cut across different types of users.

  • Customer Support

The customer service must be available on multiple channels 24/7. It should be able to solve technical issues in the shortest time possible.

  • Promotional Offers and Bonuses

There should be multiple incentives to make sure gamers keep patronizing, and it goes well beyond offering free spins.

  • Security

The platform must have the necessary license and insurance to run its operations so that players’ information and money are safe.

  • Variety of Games

A good platform should host a plethora of games for its users. Limiting a user to a selected number is often bad for the overall user experience.

  • A system that Enforces Responsible Gaming

Bad casino platforms will often turn a blind eye to irresponsible gaming. Check out if they’ve got rules to ensure minors don’t get involved and the adults are protected from over gaming.

  • Local Currency Support

You need to see if their payment options support deposits in CAD, or you always have to use the US dollar to deposit and play.


The key to understanding the value of any bonus offer is in the T&C. However, T&Cs might often be long-winded. Still, it’s worth spending time to read through.

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