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Amanda Balionis: Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth

The NFL, football, and golf are all sports that CBS Sports’ highly regarded sportscaster Amanda Balionis covers. She is a passionate animal supporter and a licensed yoga instructor. As a means of informing the public about current happenings in the modern world, journalism has become more important. Amanda is among the most alluring, skillful, and beautiful female sportscasters in the nation. 

Many have been drawn in by her attractive visage, sympathetic yet intellectual chats, and reporting. She is committed to reporting, which is extremely astounding. 


On June 20, 1985, Amanda Balionis was born close to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her grandparents were devoted golfers and owners of a golf course. Like a family tradition, Amanda also developed a love for golf. She also went to golf facility lessons when she was 8 or 9 years old. Later, her parents moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She attended high school there. 

She attended Manheim Township High School. After graduating high school, Amanda enrolled in Hofstra University’s Broadcasting Journalism department. Balionis conducted apprenticeships with the New York Jets, New York Islanders, CBS2, & ABC News Now as a result of his growing interest in journalism.

Physical Appearance

Amanda is presently 37 years old and is a Gemini. This sun sign is known to be lively and intellectually curious, with a brilliant, creative, and energizing mind. She has Black-Brown eyes and Black-Brown hair, to name a few features of her appearance. She is 5’5″ tall, has an hourglass body, and weighs 57 kg. She credits yoga for assisting her in maintaining both a calm mind and a fit body.

Personal Life

While a student at Hofstra University, she founded WRHU Broadcast, The Chronicle Reporting Team, and the Organization for Women for Communications. At a certain point, Amanda was employed as a reporter with Lancaster Newspaper. Afterward, she started to work for Verizon Sports. On the MSG Network, Balionis also used her skills. She then worked for MSG Varsity as a prominent reporter and volleyball analyst. In 2011, she left her part-time job as soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, and commentator in New York City. Amanda also went to the Callaway Truck during the 2014 Open Championship. She discussed the golfers that arrived at the truck alongside Roger Cleaveland and the golf equipment.

Amanda and her dad are close. Her parents suffered a horrific accident in 2016. She was utterly devastated by this. After they had recovered, Balionis mustered the courage to tell her followers what had happened. After the disaster had occurred for a year, she broke the news. Fortunately, her parents were unharmed by the incident. Sadly, her father died away in 2018 after two years. The abrupt death of Amanda’s father had a major impact on her health. This caused some mental difficulties.

Work with PGA Tour

The PGA Tour was the next destination for her. She worked as a reporter and anchor from 2011 to 2016. Additionally, other thrilling PGA Tours parts were Purchase a Mulligan, Flavor of both the Tour, The Takeaway, The Excellent, The Bad, and The Unusual. Buy the Mulligan was a popular and successful section among them. Turner Sports came looking for Amanda as she prepared to start working for Callaway Golf. Turner Sports’ broadcast of the PGA Championship was a first. Her work was flawless. She was subsequently selected to the CBS Sports Golf Team and does post-game interviews with style.

Work with CBS Sports

Balionis started working for CBS in 2017. Like a part-time golf journalist, Amanda covered a few tournaments. In 2018, she was hired by CBS as a full-time golf correspondent. Additionally, she covered NFL On CBS and college football games for CBS Sports Channel as a sideline reporter. She participated in a round of “Speed Golf” in 2017 at the Callaway Golf Headquarters. She responded to nine inquiries about her field & her coworkers there.


According to, Amanda Balionis is among the most fashionable golfers. She had a great picture shoot as well. The photo session was also outside of Amanda’s comfort zone. Tim Howard, the goalie for the Colorado Rapids, and Amanda Balionis played footgolf before the 2018 PGA Championship. They enjoyed their time together. 

In the Dan Patrick Show, Amanda Balionis discussed the US Open and her phone chat with Tiger Woods in 2019 on the Dan Patrick Show.


Unexpectedly, she made history in 2019 by becoming the first social media journalist for CBS. Everybody enjoys her. She now has additional side employment, thanks to her reporting. She continues to work as an interviewer for CBS Sports. Balionis produced a few advertisements for the Ultimate Golf app. She most recently presented CBS Social Rewind. 


She has also been featured on the Girls N Golf Podcast on the Callaway Podcast Network. During the online streaming conference for Women’s Golf Day in 2021, Amanda shared her thoughts with Annika Sörenstam. Increasing female participation in sports, according to Amanda, has made her feel good. She said that groups of ladies and children may play golf.


She has also appeared in a few advertisements, and for the Supreme Golf app. Her most recent show was CBS Social Rewind. Additionally, Balionis will provide updates on the players’ activities while they are at home. 

Yoga courses offered by STIFEL 

She collaborated with Stifel and offered a weekly introductory yoga and breath-work class during the COVID-19 lockdown. She also exhorts the audience to spiritually and physically cleanse. The seventh week of this series was shown recently.

Opinions about Black Life Matters

Balionis made an appearance in 10 To 15 minutes with T-Mac in July 2020. She talked about the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement & racial equality at this point. She also related the experience of one of her friends who had been subjected to racism.

Boyfriend & Pets

Many details of Balionis’ personal life were kept secret. For many years, Amanda made passing references to having a partner, but she never made the relationship official. In a post on Instagram, she finally revealed who her mystery boyfriend was. It’s hardly shocking that Bryn Renner was there. Early in 2020, they began dating. Valentine’s Day Instagram photo shows how their romantic relationship is growing. Amanda is happy that he has his support. 

Balionis is a generous individual. She adores dogs and is an animal lover. She has a dog of her own. These adorable girls usually appear in her blogs. She is also employed by the nonprofit organization K9s for Warriors Dogs. For instance, she visited the Atlanta Humane Society. She helped them get an important shoutout on her Instagram feed.

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