May 19, 2024

5 Tips for Using the Online Casino Bonus

5 Tips for Using the Online Casino Bonus

Now it is known to all gamblers: Visiting an online casino brings countless advantages. In addition to the permanent opening hours, the incredible variety of brand-new machines and the customizable player profiles, virtual casinos also award the best bonuses.

Meanwhile, international gamblers also feel motivated to play on the net. Those who wish can even participate in gambling in Canada directly from their home PC.  Canadians offer a variety of colorful slots, with attractive bonuses included in each. A registration in one of the casinos is worthwhile.

Also in this country there are constantly fat bonus systems. New gamblers and regular players should not let the discounts and bonus gifts pass by unused. With a few tricks, players dust off all the coupons and gifts from online casinos. Below, players will read how to get the best percentages.

1. New customer bonus – what gamblers need to pay attention to

In the vastness of the Internet there are countless online casinos with interesting bonuses for registration. Before registering for the first time, players compare the offers of the operators. At the highest bonus they strike and register on the platform. However, caution is advised, especially with extremely high credits. Experienced players therefore prefer to choose medium bonuses.

Extremely benevolent credits usually come from dubious providers, as current reports show. A daily look at the latest news from the casino world therefore helps to recognize black sheep. In addition, gamblers get the latest information on current slot machines and three-dimensional games on the net.

Did you already know? The new customer bonus is usually not withdrawable. If gamblers receive 300 euros in play money, they have to turn it into winnings several times. Only then it is possible to request a withdrawal to the real account. Players can find details on how to handle the bonus money in the T&Cs or below the display for the respective bonus amount.

2. The deposit bonus – how gamblers get the maximum out of it

The casino always awards a deposit bonus depending on the deposited amount. A higher deposit brings a larger bonus with it. The virtual casino informs gamblers about the percentage of the credit. With a deposit of 100 euros and a gift of 10 percent, the deposit bonus is already worthwhile. Those who invest 1,000 euros per month can expect 100 euros in additional credit.

This type of bonus is available for new players and for regular gamblers. So, it is independent of the gaming experience and the frequency of visiting the online casino. Even free casinos offer the deposit bonus. From this, participants can buy the following things:

  • Jewels for use on slots
  • Access to new games
  • Personal items for the player profile
  • Additional spins
  • Treasures and surprise chests
  • Increased speed when spinning

Small tip: Gamblers benefit even more if there are free spins in addition to the deposit bonus. Free spins are especially fun on slot machines. Very often, players really cash in during the free spins. But watch out: Not everywhere there is a high payout rate. It is therefore essential to deal with the provider and the rules of the respective game.

3. Better collect bonuses immediately

Who does not know this: A few weeks ago, a voucher of the favorite store came into the house. Today there is enough time for shopping, but unfortunately the discount code is no longer valid. Now shoppers either have to wait for an additional coupon or resign themselves to higher prices. This situation always causes trouble. It behaves similarly in the casino.

If the online casino shows available bonuses at login, gamblers should not waste time. Most of the time, the discount is only valid for a few days. In other cases, the discounts are set so high that they lose their validity in just a few hours. Such offers usually expire over midnight.

By the way: Modern online providers have new promotions in store every day. From competitive games against other gamblers and the computer to more short games with a win option, everything is represented. If the bonus has elapsed, there is guaranteed to be more the next day. Impatience, anger and annoyance are therefore completely unnecessary.

4. Subscribe to newsletter – a must for savings foxes

Newsletters can be quite exhausting. Some companies send them daily and subscribers look for valuable content in vain. However, other digital info letters hold quite interesting news about the company. Above all, the largest casinos are concerned about the players. They regularly send out colorful news from everyday casino life. If you scroll down, you will always find a bonus for loyal customers.

Newsletter recipients enjoy these other advantages:

  • They always hear about new games first
  • Providers announce special promotions coming soon
  • Great Christmas mail and virtual birthday gifts are included
  • In the newsletter casinos inform about new internal developments
  • Long-time customers receive even more bonuses

When it comes to the newsletter bonus, it is equally important to be quick. Sometimes, according to the casino, the bonuses are only available in limited numbers. However, this is only to be understood as an enticement. Those who activate the discount in the allotted time will get it. No time for immediate action? In this case, the newsletter is to be saved as a favorite, so as not to miss out on the bonus.

5. More bonuses through regular gambling

Every casino is interested in regular players. They keep the operation going and contribute to the popularity of the provider. The frequent visit to the platform also improves the ranking of the online casino. This is how operators set themselves apart from the competition. Casinos are well aware of the importance of daily players. With the help of great offers, the virtual casino increases the sense of well-being of permanent gamblers.

If adults play regularly, the online casino gives them something in return. It gives its players a gift in the form of a credit surcharge. Customers receive this bonus when they log in each day. Most of the time, the bonuses build up. On the first day of the promotion, customers receive a small bonus. On the last day of the promotion, the additional credit is particularly high. In the meantime, the casino gives out more gifts to prevent boredom while playing.

Attention: No casino voluntarily gives away allowances for spins on the slot machines. Below the announced credits, gamblers always see the conditions of the code. If these fit their own preferences, players can activate them without hesitation. However, if something is lost due to additional clauses, then gamblers should keep their hands off. This is always the case when the credit has to be converted several times as a win.

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